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About M.N. Jolley, Author

My name is M.N. Jolley, and I could use your support. 

Basically since I was old enough to string together sentences I've been writing stories, and once I grew out of my 'I'm gonna be an Astronaut Spaceman with Super Powers!' phase, I've wanted to be an author. I love stories, I love *telling* stories, and I'm incredibly lucky that I've been able to write as much as I have. 

Unfortunately, there's some practical realities that I have to face. The publishing industry is imperfect on all sides, forcing a compromise between what I want to write and what's viable on 'the market', whether it be through traditional publishing routes or the options available for self publishing. 

Beyond those practical realities, I strongly believe that stories should be available to anyone that wants to read them. Even when it's only a few dollars, not everyone can afford to buy the books they want to read, to support the creators they follow. It's a situation with no good answers - creators deserve to be paid for their work, but at the same time, I want my work to be accessible for all.

I would love to be able to write full time, but I'd also just be happy having my expenses as an author covered. The actual writing takes a lot of time, and beyond that, editing, cover art, and production costs need to be covered and I can't afford to keep doing that on my own. Depending on various factors, it costs between $400 and $700 to produce a book without cutting corners on quality, and that's without accounting for the money required for any marketing that's necessary if you want to get any real traction. 

So, I'm asking you for your help.

With your support, I can bypass the most disagreeable elements of the publishing industry and stay afloat directly through your aid. I can write the stories I want to write - and that you want to read - without worrying about publisher demands or how it'll interface with Amazon's algorithm. I can spend time writing without worrying that I should be pursuing work that pays better. 

Some of my goals for 2021:
  • Write every day. I'd like to be productive. My goal won't be to maximize word count, but I do want to maintain the habit of writing every day, working on my stories, my craft, and my art. 
  • Write short stories. I deeply enjoy writing short stories that explore things which wouldn't come up in the main narratives of my books, but these aren't viable on Amazon - You can't put short story compilations on a series page, and their algorithm makes shorts almost impossible to sell.
  • Write book 5 of the Sacrosanct Records, as well as books 3 and 4 of the KC Warlock Weekly. This is a dream, and I'm not going to rush - I want to get these done, but if they take longer, they'll just take longer. 
  • Write weekly chapters for 'Maggie Cartwright', a spinoff series from the KC Warlock Weekly. 
  • Start drafting a more elaborate worldbuilding project that I shelved some three years ago for being too complicated.

I want to be able to release this to everyone, regardless of their financial situation or whether or not they can support me directly. My existing library is currently exclusive to Amazon, and due to contractual obligations I can't pull them immediately, but I've asked to have them removed from the exclusivity and I'll be making them public once again as soon as possible. (Between January and February 2020, depending on the book.) 

I genuinely appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you so much.
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Breaking Even - At this point, I'll be able to pay for covers, editing, and other publishing-related expenses on my planned writing goals without taking a loss or cutting corners to make ends meet. 
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