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About MobileDev

Our free Reverse charge invoice generator for mobile developers can be found here, including information about each one:

These are used to generate reverse charge invoices that are needed for accounting and taxes directly based on the raw app sales data from Google™, Apple™ and Amazon™.

Most of us think this is tedious and boring, but it is at the same time it is essential in order to keep the tax authorities happy and your accountant happy.

One specific case when this service is a life-saver: If you are living in the European Union and sell either apps, games or books on Google Play™ or the App Store™, you are most probably required by law to report the number of your sales that originate from customers living in the EU due to regulations. This service solves that problem, by producing reverse charge invoices where all your sales are nicely grouped per region, including the EU.

This is a service that we use ourselves and offer for free to our fellow developers, but it, therefore, needs patrons in order to stay alive and keep up with reporting changes from Google™, Apple™ and Amazon™, so if you use our service on a monthly basis and find it useful for your business, don't hesitate to become a patron, all contributions are welcome.
$3.70 of $25 per month
Today we basically prioritize only issues that directly impedes our own usage of the service, but should we reach this level we'll see it as a confirmation that there are users out there that regularly use our software and find it worth paying for, which means that it is worthwhile for us to keep the service alive as well as maintaining it on a more regular basis than now.

This includes:

  • In sync with the app markets
    Maintaining the distributors and regions for Apple and Google Play.
  • Bug fixes within a month
    Ensuring that the software is bug-free and kept up to date with all reporting changes from Google Play and Apple within a month.
  • Hosting costs
    As well as availability monitoring for keeping the service alive and well.
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