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About Mobile Print Power

Mobile Print Power (MPP) is a multi-generational collective based out of Centro Corona, in Queens, NY. We use silkscreen printmaking and participatory design in public space to engage communities and explore social and cultural situations.

We started as a weekly printmaking and political education workshop at Immigrant Movement International in Corona, Queens (IMI Corona) in March, 2013. Over time, and as regular participants in the workshop began to emerge as co-facilitators and co-organizers, we began referring to ourselves as a collective. Our different educational backgrounds and viewpoints make us strong as a collective and powerful as artists and activists.

For over eight years we have been using our methodology for participatory design in public space and a pair of portable silkscreen printmaking carts to engage communities and explore social and cultural situations. To transmit the work that we co-create with the community we make books, prints, and public sculptures. Each project that we do reflects our commitment to social justice and our belief in the value of shared artistic production.

Due to the pandemic we are not meeting in our usual space at Centro Corona but we encourage you to come to one of our weekly online workshops and learn more about what we do! Our online workshops are held on Mondays from 6:30-7:30pm. Email us at [email protected] to let us know you would like to join.

Now, in our 9th year as a collective, we are growing! We are able to do the work we do entirely through grants and donations. As a multi-generational collective, all our work is volunteer driven. With support from our community, and you, we are able to make important decisions that drive our work!

Support Mobile Print Power! Your monthly contribution will help us continue to do the work we do and grow our community.
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