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Hi! My name's Mo Black. By day, I'm a college student and STEM major. But I also love writing and writing about writing.

If you're reading this, you probably found me through my Medium blog ( If so, thanks so much for your consideration!

I love writing fiction. I've done a bunch of it on Medium. Whenever I write, I learn more about myself, and I find joy in the way stories can transfer ideas between people in ways that argumentation simply can't. I love picking apart stories and seeing what makes them tick. I love seeing how these components are reflected in society, and I love exploring the little things writers can do to make the world a better place.

I'm here on Patreon because I want to do more of it all. I want to work on longer pieces of online fiction. Fiction that breaks the boundaries of what we'd consider "normal" storytelling. Stories that make full use of art and music and links and the rest of what the Internet itself as a storytelling medium has to offer. I want more of my content to be these long-form  media critiques. I'd perhaps like some of these essays remade into video essays as well.

To do any of this, I need some support to make it worthwhile. Writing will always be my passion, not my day job. I'll continue the blog for as long as I can. But, if you've really been moved by any of my content (wow!! thank you so much!!), with your help we can help share even bigger, bolder ideas.

I'll admit upfront I'm shy. It took a lot on my end to even start the blog in the first place. But I can say whatever I may lack in direct communication with you I'll make up for with content I know I'm proud of. Let's talk about stories together. Let's tell stories together.
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