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About Malcolm Sheppard

Hi. I'm Malcolm Sheppard. I've worked in tabletop roleplaying games for around 20 years now. You may know me from various White Wolf and Onyx Path projects, or in my current role developing games for Green Ronin. Well this is Patreon, so it's just me!

Beyond game design, I also dabble in fiction, smarmy opinions, and more game design. These projects are rattling around in my mind, and if you shoot me money I will not only work on them, but you'll get to see them first!

Deathkings: Deathkings is the blood-soaked, metal AF Old School roleplaying game you were already playing--you just didn't know it yet. In Deathkings all the old criticisms of old RPGs, from surviving 100-foot falls to gaining power through blood and gold, aren't problems. They're setting features. You're a soul-reaping adventurer clawing your way toward invulnerability. Are you doing it for yourself, or to overthrow the tyrants who make gods cower?

Sword Play: I've been studying German and Italian historical fencing (what some people call HEMA--Historical European Martial Arts), fooling with longswords, daggers, pole arms and such, for a few years now. I have, at various times, transferred what I've learned to game design. "Sword Play" will be a series of articles on "realistic" and not-so-real weapons, techniques, and so on, in tabletop RPGs, looking at sources like Fiore, Capo Ferro, and the Lichtenauer tradition, as well as by talking to contemporary practitioners.

Big Fanfic Posts: The most popular thing I've ever written isn't about RPGs at all. It's about Princess Leia. Princess Leia, A Critical Obituary is clocking at about half a million sets of eyeballs and received coverage in USA Today, Wired, HuffPo, and more. I do these every once and a while. These are huge Leftist in-universe blatherings.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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