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We want to revive and modernize! Including building an API to unleash a treasure trove of game data.

Who's we?
Hi! Reed here. I'm a web developer and game designer that has been working in the games industry for about 16 years now (mostly at Impressions Games and Tilted Mill). Some of my personal past projects include Drawception and GameTab.

A few months ago, along with the help of game industry personage Simon Carless, I managed to acquire MobyGames from its previous owners. On day 1 we decided to revert the site back to its previous form, a move that was very well received by the community (see this forum thread for details) and many of the site's core users returned as a result.

We then went to work adding missing platforms (such as arcade), tackling backlogs (clearing many thousands of items) and a host of updates (including major credits improvements!), with feedback from the community each step of the way. You can see the full dev log for detailed updates.

Here's a snapshot of the site's evolution during this time:

This only scratches the surface - there's still a vast amount of work to do, and we're looking for your support to help continue improving and modernizing We also want to free its massive database of game information.

What is MobyGames?
MobyGames is the oldest, largest and most accurate database for video games spanning 145 platforms from 1971 to date. It's essentially the IMDB of the games industry, and often referenced as the go-to source for game credits and classic games. 

We have an extremely ambitious project: To meticulously catalog all relevant information about electronic games (computer, console, and now arcade) on a game-by-game basis. This includes scanned cover art (250,000 and counting!), extensive game credits, release dates and countries, screenshots and much much more.

How your support will help
Your support will help us be able to continue modernizing the site (including making it mobile-friendly), improve contribution tools and flows, fix bugs, attract more contributors to add missing game data and build a publicly accessible API. 

Additionally, in the medium-term we intend to make MobyGames data available under some form of Creative Commons license so others will be able to easily use the data. There's less point to doing this without an effective API - so that's one of the things you can help with!

All of this is a major undertaking, as the MobyGames (Perl, oy) codebase is now 15 years old. The database has over 80,000 game entries, including developer credits, trivia, tech specs, reviews and more. There are also dozens of tools for the submission and approval processes that need to be overhauled.

Become a MobyGames supporter!
We've made many positive changes to the site over the past few months, but there's MUCH more to do and we need your help to bring it to fruition - your support will go a long way to helping revive MobyGames, make the data more assessable and ensure it's preserved for another 15+ years.

Let us know if you have any questions and we hope you'll join us!

As a special thanks to our early supporters, the first 100 $5+ Patrons will be forever immortalized as a Founding Patron.
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