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*Short form: get to see video of my musical performances...

 ...virtually attend my spoken-word readings...

 ...see my practice of Traditional Yang style Taijiquan, Bagua & Xingyi (including weapons, too)...

...get involved in the process of having my first books finished (including audiobooks)...

...join when I head out for hikes through the awe-inspiring wilderness of British Columbia...

...learn about energy healing and emotional release techniques, collected along the path...

 ...and so. much. more. 


As a community of patrons, your thoughts and feelings will contribute to the creation process of my art, with your feedback, interests and suggestions determining what occurs in this story next

*Long form: get to see live recordings of my local (and not so local) rap shows!! I'll be posting videos recorded by others as well as more personal videos, taking you into the smoke-pit where freestyles come to life, and so on. As a patron, you can come hang out with me on and off stage. I'm a mess - fair warning. :) can virtually attend my spoken word readings, around town, in nature, and where ever I find myself. My raps are also fully-functional poems and I will be doing many readings in various locations, including local hospitals, senior's care homes, book stores and schools. You will be one with the audience as my patron. will acquire access to videos and blog posts I have created in regards to my Traditional Yang style Taijiquan practice (including weapons, too), and the musings in my brain related to how this ancient art may be relevant to you: my patron. You will likely fall in love with this art by the end (whenever that may be). are going to have the opportunity to be fully (virtually) present as I move through the process of writing my first books (yes, plural), and you are going to be the only community on the internet to have access to the accompanying "making-of" videos, raw notes, comments, thoughts and extras that will *not* be included in the actual book. Audio books will be included in the book-writing process, as well. can join when I saunter out for hikes through the awe-inspiring wilderness of British Columbia, and elsewhere...'ll likely encounter experiences you've never had before, learning about energy healing and emotional-release techniques I've collected + practiced over the past 6+ years.

...and so. much. more.

I hope you enjoy everything - there will be a fair bit of content coming your way. Very unorthodox, thought-provoking, sometimes life-shattering/altering. All very unplanned. Magical approach in action.

Seriously, and as sincerely as I can possibly be:


~ moccjamm




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Spoken-word videos :)

I am planning on working with a local film-maker here in Abbotsford, and he has quoted me just shy of $510 (+ a tip) for recording ten videos. The vision I have for the videos is simple: reading my poetry in Abbotsford's local parks, eg. Elwood, Mill Lake, Jubilee, etc. This is both to use the beautiful setting of these parks as a back-drop, but also celebrate the heritage and history of the town where I was raised. I feel Abbotsford's history is lacking the recognition it deserves in regards to cultural richness, so I hope these videos will nurture community connection and appreciation.

I would be starting work on this project as soon as the funds are available to pay the film-maker - I'm calling it "Spoken Word In The Park with moccjamm" or something like that. :)
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