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About Mochie

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I began creating shaders for VRChat soon after first opening Unity during the knuckles craze of December 2017. Little has changed since then, and I'd love for this experience to continue. Previously my sales were restricted solely to friends and those I could personally confirm trustworthy, but since the beginning of the year I've had increased living expenses, making this unsustainable. Thus here I offer my Screen FX shader with unlimited updates, as well as other Unity related content.

I am an avid effects animator, prop modeler, and world creator, so I plan to upload any high quality unity content I create moving forwards. These uploads will be available at a lower tier for those interested. All particles and props are made 100% from scratch including custom shaders. I tend to specialize in more subtle, but higher quality effects, tweaking individual particle systems to look perfect rather than just throwing more crap in until it looks "alright". However, as you'll see here, I also do world-scale animations.

**Note that any content posted on this patreon is exclusively for paying subscribers, and anyone found redistributing said content will be removed and blacklisted immediately.
100% complete
Able to make monthly payments for rent, student loans, and medication while I complete my schooling online. This guarantees my ability to continue providing content for you over the next year until I graduate :D
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