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About MochiMalha

Lasperian Pandemonium ~ Artstation ~ Twitter ~ DeviantART ~ Tumblr

Why are you here on patreon?
I am here to receive some support to back the creation of my comic, Lasperian Pandemonium, and in the meantime, I can reward patrons with something in return for their dedicated support!

How are rewards distributed?
Any downloadable rewards I offer will appear on their respective posts. Sometimes I will attach downloadable files to certain Patreon posts if I have anything to offer!

Can we use your studies/timelapses as references to study with ourselves?
Absolutely! I share these things mainly for entertainment but I'd be honored if you find any of it helpful enough to study with.

86% complete
Just a simple monthly goal I'd like to reach. This will definitely keep funding the rewards available to you all! :>
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