is creating skyrim mods, Music, Painting, Animation, 3D object

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Hi all guys!! I am a game modder and currently focus on Skyrim modding! 
With your support, I can mod every day!
See what I have created!

Being a doggy Display hair with helmet

Huan's Animation Pack

MuST( Multi-Stage Transformation Framework )

Huan's Adventures

Decisions I made for Porting Mods To SSE

7zip Darkmode

I spend all my time in modding, and it's difficult to make high-quality mods, animations, music, and other arts without any financial support. As the mod getting bigger and bigger, the difficulty just increases rapidly. If you don't want to see the author stop updating, here is the best place to make good work continues!

I'm unemployed right now, and I get sick often. I wish with my hardworking, I could make modding my career.

By supporting me, you can receive every detail of mods in developing. New features, new functions, new patches, new artworks, you name it. Sometimes making a new feature isn't that easy, especially if you want it in several days. Well, with your support I can make it happen.

At first, I just make some mod for fun. After several versions made, suggestions coming which told me to add many fun and useful features to the mod. After consideration and some practice, I think it is possible, I am capable of modding Skyrim script mod. As modding, I paid more and more time and effort on it, and I just need some support to keep this passion going on.

While making script mod, I just came up with ideas about making animations when the original doggy animations weren't enough for my mod. And it worked, with patrons' support! I made some. So after that, I started to make animations.

Some times I paint, sing or make music, and I upload them here or my discord server too, some of them are just for fun, and some of them will be imported into my mods.

If you have any suggestions, just send me a message in Patreon here. The chat function here is good enough. Or you can send me an email if you don't have much time.

Donation in Patreon is not just for "patron-only content". It's more like an investment. You choose to invest in me, you will encourage me to create more and more content and you'll get your reward greatly afterward. 

The Main Quest of BaD will be implemented in Huan's Adventures, in a certain branch.

Current Extra Contents of Patron-Only Version of BaD (v0.82+) (Both LE and SE version):
  1. Live Another Life addon
  2. Unique Doggy Attack Animations
  3. Unique Doggy Ears.
  4. Custom MuST presets for BaD, like Horse preset, Lykaios preset, and more.
  5. Doggy Orgy feature! And you can line up doggies and fuck them in a roll!
  6. Doggy Pack Feature! Command your doggies to fight for you!
  7. Crawling without sneaking!
  8. Separate infection probability setting for door, corpse, and all other infection sources.
  9. More bug fixes and more features. See ChangeLog for details.

And I'm also making a new mod Huan's Adventures! I really want to make a big mod! I create custom music and animations for the mod. And I want to learn making armors as well.

Notepad++ full Darkmode plugin

After you joined, you'll see a pinned post that contains every updated mod.

Thank you!
$150 - reached! per month
Start or speed up my study on making body Armors for Skyrim.
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