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You have managed to find the Patreon support page for the podcast known as; Modules and Minis: A Pathfinder Podcast with mini-humans.  If you give any support at all, it would be very appreciated.  I'm doing this for the fun, but there are costs involved and if we are ever going to take it up a notch by adding things like a mixing board and microphone for each's going to take some money.  If this ever really takes off, the money will not be going into my comic book fund, but straight back to the podcast!  We are making all this magic happen with a $50 microphone and $300 laptop right our hardware can only get better!  Also, hosting is currently free on Podbean (YAY!) but I think as we get more episodes we're going to need to start paying a subscription fee.  Feel guilty yet?  All that unbridled joy from our podcast and you haven't yet chipped in??? Seriously, anything would be very appreciated and expect a return on investment.

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