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Because we believe that #moe404 is mainly built on passion and dedication, this Patreon campaign is created for us to be able to spend more time writing content for the blog — and nothing else. In other words, we don't want to ask for your hard-earned money unfairly.

So rather than focusing on a tiered reward system, you may support our work and dreams by making a monthly pledge at any level of which feels comfortable to you. This means you can pledge more than- or just- $1 per month, the amount is really up to you.

In any case, we are really grateful for any contribution that is given. Thank you very much for your support! 💝




Hello there, thank you for making it to our Patreon page.

Despite I believe that this page is self-explanatory, we want now to ensure that we really appreciate every bit of your support; it will help us shape a better blog, add more features, as well as better and more frequent content to be delivered. Please refer to the Goals section in this page to see what we are trying to achieve at this point.

+ Brief summary.


My name is "nesha" and I've been passionately writing about anime since the mid of 2017. I created a blog called #moe404. It is a place I dedicated to providing a variety of anime articles of which mostly are analytical reviews of movies and shows that I thought worth a discussion, or simply a recommendation. It is a place where I can get to the bottom of things and make a discussion about topics that I like, that's why most of our blog posts are long and lengthy.

In case you're not familiar with what we do, you're very welcomed to visit our blog and read our few write-ups ...

Or tap here to see the recent entries we have put up!

+ Goals overviews.

The current goals are to purchase our blog a custom domain and remove all the WordPress.com's advertising. Of course, no one loves ads, and we don't want you to see them on our website. We are also desperate to make our blog a little bit more kawaii with a standalone domain name. And with those, we believe #moe404 will become easier to reach, easier to introduce to new readers, and more comfortable to visit and to read its content. Plus, we would be able to buy a hosting plan for the blog's official email address, which is one of our little steps in becoming a professional website.

We're excited!

+ More about us.

#moe404 is not the greatest resource site that you would find from an anime blog, but we build this and write its content with all the love and passion we have.

We? Yes: we. Our blog has grown a tiny bit bigger since March of 2018 when we got our first additional blogger named Alfredo. Both he and I are not professional bloggers at all, but we really do have passion in that direction. Because we have such silly dreams, we are willing to waste a chunk of our time to create our own internet personality, discover and learn new things about this anime industry, and ramble our thoughts about it while at the same time, welcome you to join the discussion.

We decided to make this Patreon page as a way for people to support our dreams and future endeavors so that we may continue to share our thoughts with the world, anime is such a massive and interesting fandom to explore after all. Whether you pledge as $1 or a million, we thank you very much. It's because of you and this wonderful community that we are able to do our best achieving our dream.

Again, thank you very much in advance! We really like writing about anime and being a part of otaku journalism, and I know that with the support from everyone, we can reach greater heights.

Much love, nesha.
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Every dollar donated will contribute to our crazy, unsustainable lifestyle where we OD together on spicy ramen and anime panties every night. At this point, we shall begin to realize the true meaning of otaku life; to bless those who are shed by the light of censorship, to let us hold hands and probably start a cult together around the worship of Boku no Pico.

All hail Pico.
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