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Hello, all :) My name is Medley. I'm an aspiring music artist.

I started creating my own music about 5 years ago. Back then, it was mostly ideas for hip-hop backbeats and some riffs for thrashy metal music. I would engage in this on-and-off for the next several years, creating things for my own enjoyment whenever the mood struck me and not really trying to share it with anyone. It was just something fun for me, and I went about my life without much thought of a possible music career. Over the past several months, I've begun to break out of that mold, and started to share more and more of my musical ideas with a few friends. Their words have encouraged me greatly to start investing more time into what was once a hobby I kept to myself, and I sincerely thank them for helping me recognize my greatest calling in life.

I like writing in several genres, and it's never quite clear to me where one song idea is going to go until long after I've started on it. For the most part, I stick to piano, symphonic, electronic, metal, rock, and hip-hop. Electronic tracks are probably the ones I finish the most, since to me it's one of the most flexible and accessible. Regardless of the genre, most of my work shares the goal of painting a vivid soundscape that pulls the listener out of his own world and into another story for the duration of the song. What I attempt is not unlike the novelists, whose masterful craftsmanship with words can make the world of their readers melt away further into the background until even time itself passes by completely unnoticed. As I gain more patrons, I will be able to put in more time to craft even longer and more complex pieces, and within this greatly expanded space I will fit far more wondrous tales than I have yet shown.

I understand that there are many people who cannot afford the luxury of paying for the music they would like to download. For that reason, I have started this Patreon. Most of my music content will be available to download for free, but if anyone can help out and wants to support me in my musical endeavors then they have the option to become a patron.

I have links to a few songs I have completed on my Facebook page, all of them with a free download link, as well as a few songs up on Youtube and I also upload many unfinished pieces and ideas onto my friend's forum over at Check them out if you like, and if you enjoy them I hope you consider becoming a patron. I have fun with my time on FL Studio and wouldn't mind being able to invest even more hours into it. Thank you all for your time, and happy listening!

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