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Hello SOULjourner and Welcome to my Patreon!!

Thank you for coming to my page. I am a strong believer that we support what we love, and I think that Patreon is a great way to express that! To support my labor of love as an independent pastor, teacher, and researcher and to receive the full versions of the monthly downloadables, please consider becoming a patron. Let's say "yes" in solidarity to an inside out approach as truth-tellers and light-bearers.

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Understanding terminology:

Self-care (or self-nurture)
The priority and initiative you give to the nurture of your full self. Simply put, self-care is your resolve to give TO yourself as much as you give OF yourself. It's not merely about pampering, it's about the processes and practices of attending to your human needs, responsibilities and desires. You are empowered by Love to prioritize it and initiate it—without guilt.

Soul Care
is the all-encompassing nurture of the soul (nephesh, in Hebrew)—you are a soul—the soul is the whole of the person, the unity of the body, organs, and breath. It is not some immaterial spiritual entity, it is you, all of you.

Now that you're here — let's talk, sis! How are you REALLY doing? Yes, I know you give with a big heart to evr'body else, but before you can sustainably give to others, the first and foremost thing to do is to put on your oxygen mask. Rest is part of the program!

So, how can you get that done?

Engage soul care.

After all, it’s also grace to give TO yourself as much as you give OF yourself!

Soul Care helps you regulate your overall well-being.

Soul Care helps you address the core issues when you're feeling traumatized, tense, tired, and trapped; and you're not even sure why.

Soul Care helps you decelerate when you’re busy nurturing, leading, teaching, building initiatives, and developing everyone else. Especially when it comes to justice and mercy work in its many forms in the Body of Christ and in your local community.

Soul Care puts an end to the chronic habit and harm of bypassing the space for all you need to flourish and attend to for yourself (without guilt).

Soul Care helps you heal, to feel free, to feel peace, and to feel brave and courageous in your own skin. This must be done unhurriedly from the inside out - holistically.

Mohawkmomma Studio is a Christian publishing and communication platform. Our mission and message are to awaken + teach + publish authors who desire to integrate and embody the art and activism of self-nurture. We are distinctive in our strong emphasis to encourage and equip Black writers of faith. 

Your oxygen mask is essential when you experience some of the following...

> compassion
> unhealed wounds of racism or sexual abuse
> family trauma
> toxic beliefs/people/environments
> parenting complexities
> being silenced
> church burnout/disillusionment
> feeling of being found out
> friendship betrayal
> being labeled and marginalized
> spousal unfaithfulness
> workplace marginalization and discrimination

About Your Soul Care Midwife & Mentor
Who is Mohawkmomma? My name is Andrea Palmer. It’s pronounced Un-dray-ah, not Ann-dria or Ann-dray-ah. I have been involved in teaching, pastoral care, and mentoring women and girls for over twenty years. I as an independent writer, theologian, researcher, and publisher. I'm constantly growing and expanding as an introvert, friend, podcaster, pastor, poet, sister, Enneagram 5w4, and mother of eight children on this earth and one in heaven.

Why Patreon?
I started this Patreon to have a place to interact directly with you about my creative and contemplative work in a more dedicated setting than the social media outlets I use.


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Whether you make a monthly contribution of $1 or more, your pledge is appreciated.

Courageously cultivate self-nurture,
Andrea L. Palmer "Mohawkmomma"

$95 of $95 per month
When we reach $95 per month, I'll renew and maintain my membership with the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA).

Thank you in advance!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
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