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About Mojo Jones

My name is Mojo Jones, you killed my father, prepare to follow my antics on Patreon!

So a little about me I guess. I'm a cosplayer, I also perform nerdlesque as part of a burlesque troupe called The Scarlet Vixens and make outfits from latex as Tyrannosaurus Latex.

I've been doing all these things for about 6 years now and it's become such an important part of my identity. I've always been a creative person but I'm also a massive introvert. Burlesque and cosplay allowed me to release that creativity. By wearing the personality of the characters I embody I get to come out of my shell, I get to be the confident person I wish I actually felt all the time.

Which brings me to my fun sob story section! *cue the sad but inspiring music* 
In 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 3, grade 3 breast cancer. I had already lost my mum to breast cancer but she was in her 40s when diagnosed so I wasn't expecting it so young. It was an extremely distressing and difficult time but throughout it I kept performing when I was well enough, kept making costumes and cosplaying. It changed my outlook on everything.

I therefore want to start using the things I love to spread more awareness and raise money for the charities that saved my life and made my cancer journey less stressful.

Which brings me to why Patreon?
Well for starters it gives me a platform that doesn't limit reach. It's a place to share my work that I'm proud of with people that want to see it.
Secondly, any paid tiers during September, October and November will be channelled directly back into creating content for Pinktober and donated to Macmillan as part of Mojo's Pinktober Project.

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When I reach 10 patrons I will record a video of me at the park in my inflatable dinosaur costume
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