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$1/month - Greetings LeyLians!
$1 or more per month patrons
Join me each week for a personal chat in the form of my VIDEO BLOG.  Share every step of the journey as I plan, laugh, fret, and muse on life, writing, and forging a creative career.
$3/month - Time Traveler
$3 or more per month patrons
-  Go FORWARD in time to get early access to each update

-  Travel BACKWARD in time with monthly comic retrospective videos exploring 20 pages of past comics with creator commentary. 

- Stay rooted in the PRESENT with the weekly vlogs!

$5/month - Online Course
$5 or more per month patrons
Each month I'll share a lesson as part of a continuing online course.  Lessons may include videos, articles, and worksheets.  



PLUS the weekly vlogs, early access to pages, and the retrospective videos

$20/month - Sponsorship
$20 or more per month patrons
Your name (or project) credited on every LeyLines page for as long as you pledge.  PLUS you'll get EVERYTHING in the previous reward tiers.
**NOTE! I will contact you and ask how you would like to be listed.  I won't post any name without your approval first! 
$35/month - Monthly Coaching Call (or Text Chat)
$35 or more per month patrons
Every month we'll meet for a 1 hour call (or text chat) to discuss your creative projects.   I'll help you make plans, build strategies, and share with you my experience.  You CAN achieve your goals!  Let's tackle the challenges together!  

*Begins after 1st month of payment*