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We thank you very much for your contribution to our work, and will continue to make the best videos we can.

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No, don't misunderstand! Not 'chibi' because you are small and insignificant :-)   We call this level Chibi Patron because twice a year (once each during summer and winter) we will send you a hand-made woodblock print of the type we made famous with our Chibi Heroes series. Carving and printing of the initial Patreon Chibies is now under way - please check recent videos to see them ...
[Please note: you must have been a Patron for a certain length of time to receive this reward; please see this post for details.]

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Not a mistype for ninja ... it's nenga!  Every year in Japan, it's customary for people to maintain relations with friends and business acquaintances by exchanging New Year cards at the turn of the year. These are called nenga-jo, and we at Mokuhankan prepare a new one every year, of course completely carved and printed by hand by our staff. Nenga Patrons will receive this (in late December), as well as the two Patreon Chibies mentioned in the previous reward level.
[Please note: you must have been a Patron for a certain length of time to receive this reward; please see this post for details.]




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About David Bull

Hello, this is Dave Bull, owner of the Mokuhankan woodblock print publishing venture in Tokyo Japan. I have been making woodblock prints here since the mid-1980s, but you probably might know me best as the leader of the team that makes the Ukiyoe Heroes series of woodblock prints - you know, the ones that feature parodies of video game characters in the traditional Japanese ukiyo-e style. These are designed by Jed Henry, and carved and printed here in our Tokyo workshop.
Our print business is fairly successful, so why am I here on Patreon, asking for support?
The long story is told in a video presentation I have prepared, but the short story is easy: although our printmaking venture is indeed doing quite well, we are chronically short of funds due to the intensive hand-made nature of our work and the very high costs involved with producing our prints. Because of this, we have great difficulty getting new projects started - projects that are very important for our future development and stability.
So we are asking our community of fans and supporters to back us here on Patreon. We are asking for a monthly pledge, of whatever amount you can afford, and in return, we will keep you updated on exactly how your funds are helping us, and of course we promise to keep producing our steady stream of YouTube videos that let people see how our prints are made. (All of our videos will remain open for everybody to view, not just the Patreon backers.) Details on how we are getting started with this - on the initial projects that your money will be used for - are outlined on this post.
Thank you very much for considering support of our work. Any assistance you can give us will be greatly appreciated.
Dave Bull
Asakusa, Tokyo

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