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About Moldover

Hi!  My name is Moldover.  I make all kinds of musical THINGS.  Besides typical things like albumsmusic videos, and live shows, I also make performance instruments, playable packaging, jamboxes, and videos that tie all this madness together. 

None of this would be possible without support from YOU, and that's why I'm super excited about this new opportunity to take our collaborative relationship to the next level!  Patreon is a way you can support my work directly with a monthly "tip", making it far more simple and sustainable for me to produce awesome THINGS!  In return it allows me to give YOU direct access to MORE of the cool things I make.

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• Unreleased music
• Behind-the-scenes videos
• Sound packs
• Interviews
• Invitations to private online Hangouts
• Live concert videos and more!

10% of all proceeds I receive will go directly to The ACLU, IRAP, and Planned Parenthood, so in addition to helping me, you’ll be helping support causes I care about.

It's totally simple to customize your patronage and you can cancel at any time.  To show my gratitude I’ve organized a bunch of sweet rewards for you to choose from over on the right-hand side of this page. I’ve also set milestone goals (on the left-hand side of this page) so that as this campaign grows and more people become patrons, I can focus more of my time on this campaign and make the things EVEN BETTER!
I love making musical things that inspire and empower my fans.  I am ultra-excited to use this platform as a new way to connect to the people who care about my work the most. Thank you so much for supporting my dreams!

Much love,
( ! )

Cover photo by Jen Fedrizzi, headshot by Quincy Cardinale
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