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About Mole Games

We are slowly starting to get back to public releases. After Sivir's Hot Delivery and ANWS rerelease we will get back to ADS with the first releases (Patreon and then public) of the revamped ADS.

Download links under the project banner!

Hello everyone!
We are Mole Studio but here you can call us Mole Games because this patreon is dedicated to adult games! We chose to run this project because we love drawing, creating games and lewd stuff 🙂 The team counts two people: The artist, Rosarin, and Gantai in charge of the story, making and the management of the community (Patreon, Twitter, Discord).

>>>PC VERSION: ADR Month 2 <<< (The last stable build that is two years old now... Will be updated in the following months with the complete rework of the game)
We are currently working on a Demacian Sonata, a LoL fangamethat will feature a long and complex storyline involving a lot of characters with side quests and hidden secrets! By supporting us you can directly impact the content of the game allowing us to produce more content and even decide some of it!
>>>PC VERSION: ANWS V0.1 <<<
A Night with Sona is our first game (created in June 2016), will be updated really soon with new content and some fixes. It features:
  • A short dating sim ending in 2 different routes (Love or Lust)
  • 4 different scenes and a lot of variants! (+1Hidden)

>>>PC VERSION: SHD V1.1 <<<
Sivir's Hot Delivery is our second standalone game (October 2018), created on the model of ANWS. It features:
  • A light story about a cute delivery girl doing her best to keep her job
  • 3 different scenes and a lot of variants!

Our dream project:
It's named 100% Waifus and that's our beloved main project ♥ (3500$ milestone)! With this game we want to offer you a lot of freedom and update it with a lot of new contents and variants that make every gameplay session different! It will take place in a college and its surrounding and you will interact/seduce pretty girls, with a lot of surprise events, we want to develop it after a Demacian Sonata... for as long as possible!

Useful links:
If you have ANY problem or question, feel free to PM/Mail me!


Q - Why should I support you?
A - All our games are free and updated/released monthly. We are enjoying making content and want to make a living out of it. By supporting us on patreon you can contribute achieving this goal. Moreover, you will gain access to some exclusive features: Full res art, Android version of our games, exclusive WIPs... Just look at the rewards, it's a win-win for everybody! :)
Q - Why "Mole Games"?
A - Moles are cute, don't you think? I mean, I'm talking about the animal and the beauty marks. Because of that stupid pun and because we love to put moles on ALL our girls, we chose this name! Try to find them all!
Q - Are you only making games?
A - For the time being games are our main content, because it's really time-consuming to produce and we know that you guys, love adult games! Their could be some side drawing from time to time for some tiers! We're not closed at other mediums though, maybe someday.
Q - How are charging/rewards working?
A - You can pledge anytime in the month and get charged directly, gaining access to the patreon feed, threads polls... You'll then be charged again each month 1st for the next month. Example: If you pledge April 13th you'll receive your rewards (early access, HD CGs...) early May and be charged on May 1st for the early June rewards!
(For more details:
Q - What software are you using?
A - Mainly RPG Maker MV and Paint Tool SAI.
Q - On what platforms?
A - Our games will be available for download on Mac(I'm still trying...)/Windows and on android for 5$+ patrons. You will find our games on our Patreon and Website!
Q - What's wrong with your english..?
A - I'm so sorry for my english >.< I'm not native and only have an academic level but I am trying to fix it as soon as possible! Meanwhile, If you see some awful grammar/spelling mistakes on official stuff (Patreon, Website, Ingame...) please send us a mail so I can correct it and learn by trial and error!

We are creating a game including explicit sexual content, so 18+ patrons only please! As said above, be aware that the "Charge Up Front" option is on.

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