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HELLO, DEAR PEEPS!   Thank you for visiting! If you don't know me, the short version is this: I'm a seasoned writer who's gotten less productive in recent years in order to make a living, and I'm finding that a dreadful trend. I want to become more productive while making a living, and am exploring Patreon's crowd-sourcing, Medici-inspired method, where you can support, with a pledge, the creation of something (poem, radio essay, blog post, painting, book) as well as the finished product.

This is a way to help creative people carve out time to do their work (and afford supplies, equipment, help, etc., too). It's also a strong motivation for me to create. If you'd like to participate and join my merry band, I thank you! I love crowd-sourcing because it's a radical break with our current economic system and fosters community instead of competition.

After one year (2017), I have 41 patrons and many of my hopes have been realized. I've been much more productive, have started a new project (my long-planned book about teach writing to cancer patients to boost their immune systems), and through your steady donations accomplished a big goal: to redo the rotten floor of my writing/painting studio, which now just needs two more coats of paint and then I'll be able to reinhabit it. I am busting with gratitude and will be sending everyone a surprise present in February. Thank you so much. If you're new to my page, read on...

In 15th-century Italy, the Medicis supported Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci at various times, so they didn't have to be grave diggers and sculpt or paint on the side. Patreon's version of support is built of many people contributing a little, rather than one family contributing a lot (and getting influence over the work because of that). It's a way to support a creative person as they create, rather than after the fact. This ensures that they do create, which is one reason I'm revamping my life to include Patreon and, if you're interested, you.

I've been writing poems since 1990, and have published four collections (see my website). Ten years ago I was asked to do three-minute commentary on my local community radio station, and am now up to about 400 of those, give or take, some of them collected into books that I published myself (see banner photo, above). On paper, the commentary are called essays. You may or may not know that being a poet is perhaps the least-well-paid profession in the solar system, and community radio comes in as a close second. This is not why I chose them. I didn't choose them, they chose me, the way sometimes love will wash over you and there you are, suddenly married, or the sole emotional support of a traumatized Queensland heeler named Ruby, or sitting on the couch under a pile of sleeping cats. (Five cats, in my case.)

All this time, I've worked to pay my bills, sometimes outside the writing life (restaurant book keeper, office manager), sometimes in it (newsletter editor, writing festival director, writing teacher, copy writer, freelance editor). I've been lucky enough to receive grants in support of my work (NEA, California Arts Council, Corporation for Public Broadcasting), and ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2008 to match the CPB funding and get my commentary heard farther afield than Northern California, where I live.

For the last few years I've been training to become, and then working as a life coach in the Skills for Change tradition, an offshoot of transactional analysis. I love this work, which supports about half my bill-paying life and all my poetic life, because it involves emotional inquiry as well as looking at the world sideways and upside down, something poets are quite good at. I don't want to stop coaching. I do want to stop teaching, which is how I pay the other half of my bills. Even though I love teaching, it seems to use up all my creativity and leave me with none for my own writing and painting.

The reason to do this is because you want more of what I know how to do. You want there to be a next poem, essay, blog post, and book, and you want to read it. You want to watch my painting evolve and see how painting and writing get mingled together in my particular way. And maybe you want to be part of a group, a community. No algorithms. Maybe you're looking for a way to belong to the world more directly than, say, futures options trading.

You choose the level you'd like to participate (on the right side bar), and sign up. I start making things and posting them here on this page. I send you your presents. The unknown variable is how much I will create once I'm let loose. But Patreon allows you to cap your funding, so you could, say, pledge $3/thing and then cap your pledge at 4 things/$12 per month or 20 things/$60 per year or whatever works best for you. This is a sustainability model, not a one-time event. (If you'd like to participate but only make one donation, the way to do that is with me directly, instructions here.) It's like the CSA idea many of us use for food these days (Community Supported Agriculture). We pay farmers in advance to plant crops and grow our food, which we then get in weekly portions throughout the growing season. You're paying me in advance to write poems, which you then get in random portions throughout the writing season. And poems don't need to be composted! It's fabulous.

Thank you for reading this whole darn thing, and welcome, if you decide to join in.
$428 of $600 per poem, radio essay, blog post, book, or painting
At this level of support I could schedule weeks or months to travel. My work often describes the world around me, so venturing outside familiar territory is both exciting and fruitful, whether it's 20 miles from home or 2000. Reaching this goal would let me explore writing about place in a whole new way, and experiment with painting in other landscapes.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 230 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 230 exclusive posts

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