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About Molly Roberts

I am honored that you're here, Moon Baby! I create magickal content in the form of videos, meditation experiences, ebooks, ezines, artwork and podcasts to assist you in crafting your own creative, expressive and meaningful spiritual experiment. I look forward to opening up and sharing tools, ideas, prompts, how-to's and a more intimate view into my Art Witch world.
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-PLUS an art tutorial video, prompt video or illustrated printable for your grimoire

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-Advance downloads of all published meditation suites and ebooks.  

Goddamn Unicorn
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-Receive all rewards from Moon Baby + Boss Witch tiers

-Receive an in depth 3 card oracle-and-stone "Unicorn Forecast" group reading video once a month. 

- Magickally inspired conversation *Unicorn Chat Podcast* every month. 

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3,000.00 covers all of my bills- including health insurance and would allow to me to create for you full time. More free resources, more videos, more ideas, more juicy rainbowlicious magick for us to share here together. It would also allow me to make necessary equipment upgrades to bring you *better* content more regularly. 

Thank you SO much for your support! You feed my soul + my family, Moon Babies. I am honored by your support and can't wait to create for you. <3
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