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In a world that is transitioning into a new paradigm, now is the time to really truly vote with our dollar for the world we want to live in. Where we invest our energy and resources is where we will see the new world rise. We know that where attention goes, energy flows and now this is true more than ever. The entire world has hit pause and we have a chance to re-write everything!

Momentom is making a pledge to put creators at the forefront of everything that we do. By supporting our quest to survive and make epic content through this challenging time of instability and economic reform, your dollar will go towards creating inspiring digital content, music, photography and videography to uplift the world in times of crisis.

Proceeds of this Patreon will go to developing new digital platform based on a new economy based on arts which allows us to create online community and provide you with massive creative resources. Some of our proceeds will go to developing a new community space for the Momentom tribe in Costa Rica.
We believe that arts can and should be a new currency and that together with regenerative economic models, we can reimagine the economic system.

We believe that what the world needs the most right now is inspiration and that the buzz from a thriving artist community online can ripple out massive amounts of inspiration to the rest of the world so that we can co-create the future.

With the current global situation, we are ready to take the lead to make this world a reality.

This platform is where artists can share their passions and skills to the global community and where those that need a dose of truth talk and inspiration can tune into. This is where those that want to invest in a new world based on creative arts can back up our vision.


  1. Artists can upload inspirational content to Momentom Digital, be exposed to thousands of followers and get paid for their contribution.
  2. Supporters of Momentom and those looking for high quality inspiration can invest into artists and into our future through Patreon. 
  3. All profits are divided into:
    10% Pachamama (all proceeds go to helping animals and initiatives based on helping planet earth)
    20% Momentom Collective (website, taxes, keeping the company alive)
    20% Costa Rica Symbiosis Grassroot Project
    50% profit split to artists on the platform

  • Distribution and visibility of new content & content creators.
  • Percentage share of monthly donor support
  • Discounts & perks on upcoming projects
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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