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Creating A space with tools & full support to amplify art via technology

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About Momentum ∞

(Apologies for any typos etc.) 
Momentum Infinity has moved into its new home!
Under two miles from Richmond BART, in San Pablo.

It's a ~3k sqft warehouse on a ~12k sqft fenced lot.

We will be adopting creators on a per project basis. We will have some community minded people who want to help and explore. Our goal is to help artists and creators amplify their abilities with technology.

Artists often can’t afford space or access to tools, certainly not fabrication assistance, expert technical advice, or help debugging.

Sean Stevens, founder of Momentum is an exceptionally experienced creator
who loves helping people grow their abilities.

Sean enjoys fostering communities where people build each other up.
Where space is safe for those of all abilities, helping them grow.

Our goal, with a few exceptions, is for all this to be free to creators we help.

How in the **** is that supposed to work?

Well, that’s where you come in.

Your financial support will help get this space off the ground and keep it going.

Total expenses for momentum are currently ~$4500/month.
Momentum has some money saved but much was used for first/last/security.

All of the money goes directly to Momentum. I am/have been an unpaid volunteer.

Momentum Infinity is a continuation of the work Sean and Dan Kaminsky had been doing together for the past 5+ years.

Dan and Sean shared a mission of making technology so advanced, it's natural.
Giving the novice the power of the expert and seeing what gets created.

Momentum was already Sean's life work. Now moreso.

We really appreciate your support.
Especially the people who have continued supporting Momentum over the past few years when updates were… sparse.

All proceeds from this Patreon go directly to Momentum.
Sean lives upstairs, which is financially separate.

Momentum Infinity is a registered 501c3, so your contributions /should/ be tax deductible. 
To be fully open, we need to verify paperwork is up to date etc. before promising it is.
The last few years have been hard.

Help us make the next few years way more awesome.


$778.89 of $4,500 per month
Approximate base expenses for the new Momentum space.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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