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About Sean Stevens

This will likely not be the most polished text you will read today. 
We are refining it as we have time, but getting the space going is the priority.

Momentum ∞ is a vertically integrated ecosystem that fuels an engine of creation.
Three floors, and an amazing roof deck in the heart of San Francisco.
Space to bring artists and makers together to co-create, explore, inspire and cross pollinate.
Beyond that, to celebrate and sharing what is created.

It's now a fiscally sponsored non-profit project. We have a mission, and it's not to make money.

We take inspiration from the best aspects of makerspaces/hackerspaces/fab labs/media labs, Burning Man and the communities that come together to realize the best projects there, garage startups, art galleries... and perhaps most of all, the Exploratorium 

This is my Life's work, and I believe it is where I can make the most meaningful impact. I hope that you see the value and will support the experiment and help make it sustainable long term.

Plan is for multiple separate community days for different groups: Artist/Creator, Techie, Social do-gooders. Once each group seems at home in the space, and I get a sense of the individuals, we will have mixed community nights and I'll try to bring people together based on shard project interest.
I'll do what I can do facilitate the projects, and find others in the community to help as well.
I am basing this on other communities I've helped to create or maintain, and my experience creating and teaching close to forty two-week immersive studios for high-school students at NuVu in Cambridge, MA.

The next three months or so are meant as a pilot program to support a diverse, mutually supportive group of individuals and enable them to work together can solve any problem they deem worth solving.

We will be exploring the interplay between Art, technologies (AI, VR/AR, robotics),  and humanitarian/social problems.

Here's the draft "pitch deck" for the project:

About Sean:
I'm a creator - sometimes an Artist.
I'm a teacher - of people. Of robots.
I'm a fixer - of things that have never worked, or things that have broken. Objects, and socially.

I've taken part in doing the impossible (or merely inadvisable) more times than I can count.
I've accumulated a wide array of skills, knowledge, tools, materials and reusable modular infrastructure, expressly with the intent of helping enable future projects of mine and other people.

My work is generally "sustainable" in it's power source (Solar, pedal power), making art that makes itself, or helping other people more effectively create.

I've received many small grants to fund my art projects, and successfully crowdfunded others.
I tend to be overly ambitious yet get most of the way there - by design.

Friends, people interacting with my art, students - have told me that I have helped them grow, inspired them to create, and made things possible that would not be without my help. I've been told I've helped people resolve intense conflicts, understand each other and get them "unstuck". 

$634.99 of $1,000 per month
This will help Sean at least cover basic needs 
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