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About My Old Man Said

Online advertising makes many websites increasingly look like pinball machines with annoying flashing ads and auto-play videos. While small publishers like My Old Man Said used to be dependent on it for the revenue it provides, it’s now nowhere near enough to justify keeping the site going.

That’s why local newspaper websites and clickbait football sites put out up to 30 stories-a-day and practice all kinds of dark arts to get you to click.

Likewise, the hours it currently takes to put together the podcast also are not compensated through advertising.

The business model of creating content and giving it away for free was never going to be a sustainable one.

There is another way though to exist and that’s from support from our readers and listeners. If you enjoy what we do, and you'd like access to exclusive podcasts, articles and even bonus rewards, then sign up as an MOMS patron member.

Doing clickbait headlines to articles that begin with 'Villa fans took to Twitter...' is not a path MOMS wants to ever go down. Also, we don't want to bombard you with pop-ups, pop-unders, those auto-playing videos and pointless no-news 'churnalism'.

What we do is create great quality writing and podcasts and that's what we want to be able to focus on. Sometimes, it's crazy to think MOMS been doing this for over seven years, but it's because we love the Villa. We love our readers and listeners too, and we'll love you even more, if you stand beside us as a My Old Man Said patron. It's like you'll be a member of what we do.

Everything that already happens on My Old Man Said remains free, the same as it always has been, but if you sign up to become an MOMS patron member on Patreon you get a little bit more with some podcasts and writing that won't be available anywhere else but here. There's also exclusive information updates, a newsletter, the odd bonus reward gift and sometimes an opportunity that money can't buy.

We recommend you come in at the $5 US level (that's barely the cost of a pint) to access the bonus podcasts, but it's all good whatever level you chose.


If you're a patron of $5 and above you could receive bonus rewards, as and when they come into MOMS Towers.

For example, lucky MOMS Patrons have received free rewards such as a copy of Playstation FIFA, Film Premiere tickets, several football-related books, DVDs, T-shirts, Under Armour sports kit, Classic Football Shirt credit, official Mitre Delta official EFL match balls (RRP £115), Mitre Star Wars goodies, art prints of Villa Park and Villa Store gift vouchers. 

Also, we've passed on unique opportunities to MOMS Patrons, such as:

* Playing with Stan Petrov (and against Dion Dublin and Emile Heskey) at a Villa kit launch event at Bodymoor Heath (and taking home a free Villa kit & boots).
* Having a full away trip (tickets, food and travel) for two people reimbursed
* Having a tour around Bodymoor Heath and watching the players train and then meeting them.
* One lucky patron got hospitality and a top seat at Villa's Wembley play-off final win.
* Paid appearance in Coca Cola's Premier League TV advert

It's just an extra way, when MOMS can, of saying thanks for the support.

Sign up to become an MOMS patron member on Patreon today!


PS - If you are in the UK, you'll notice there is an additional VAT amount when you sign up, but I have included that in the UK conversion estimates that you see here.

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