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  • Sketches and WIPs.
  • Full res files.
  • Patron discord role!
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  • First dibs on commissions. Get notified of openings first!
  • Book a stream-commission in advance (once per month). 
  • Suggest ideas and requests for warm-ups, doodles, and arts to keep me on my toes. This will be available on my discord server as well as a monthly post on Patreon. 
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About Mongrelist

Welcome Traveler!

I go by Kahea (Mongrel or Mongrelist work too). I am a freelance artist who works heavily in themes involving wildlife, monsters, and fantastical nonsense. The majority of my work is done digitally, but I like to explore traditional media when I can. If you want to support my work (outside of commissioning me directly), you've come to the right place!
With your generosity I am able to free up a little extra time for personal creations!

You can find more of my art, prices, & info on my website! 

Find Me Elsewhere!

Want to tip, but would rather not subscribe? I understand. ❤️

Why Patreon?

I support myself primarily through offering custom commissions to wonderful folks on the internet! The majority of my work are private commissions, which gives me less time to focus on personal projects and stories. I would like my Patreon to give me some room to work on my own creations, ideas, and motivations while collaborating with supporters to better my work.

I want to get into working with sequential art and comics in particular. I want to be able to tell stories and bring people along for the ride. This platform would aid in giving me the time to work towards long term projects like that.

What are the benefits?

I feel it only fair to give back for anyone who just wants to give me money; that stuff doesn't grow on trees, you know! If you are so generous as enough to toss your donation into my till:
  • Early access to artwork!
  • Sketches and WIPs.
  • Help me decide themes for illustrations and get high res files of them!
  • Full Res access to the $5+ teirs.
  • Access to a super-secret-patron-only discord channel & patron role in my server. The server is open to anyone otherwise, but you get to be special. ;)

You also get my undying gratitude, but that I’ll give out for free just cause I like you so much.

I can't afford a pledge.

Who likes paywalls, anyway, am I right? If you can’t contribute with financial support, I still appreciate you for even being here, and I hope you enjoy my work! Also, as a note to everyone: All of my finished content will be posted outside of Patreon, whether at lower res or simply at a later date. If you still want to help out, sharing my work on your social media and friends helps a bunch too! Just link back to me so they can find me.

Thank you stopping by! <3

$143.60 of $150 per month
This covers some groceries and much needed nourishment I require to exist and create art. 

I'll do a monthly wallpaper!

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