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Even the smallest contribution is very much appreciated, you can follow my progress here and on my blogs or elsewhere online (and you're always welcome to drop by and I'll make you some tea of coffee).

Cosmos Daydreams

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I recently walked home from a beautiful place where I spent a month working on a new project. I walked for 3 days and 75 km. leaving a trail of Cosmos bipinnatus Daydream seeds. I carried 10.000 seeds with me, some were still in my pockets when I came home. I will send you 10 of those seeds.

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You will be the first one to hear about exciting new developments, get an invitation for any art project I am involved in and I might send you some of my writing that i haven't published yet. I will send you 10 Cosmos Daydream seeds from my recent 3 day walk. And always welcome for tea/coffee and a chat.

About Monique Besten

I am a nomadic artist, finding my way in-between different old and new media, moving around in Europe and mainly at home where my feet are. I like to be in the here and now by creating poetic bridges between the past and the future, the real and the virtual world, analogue and digital ways of working. In the last years my focus has been on long-distance performative walking, collecting stories on the road in a three-piece business suit, writing daily online and embroidering the account of the walk on my suit in drawings and words. One of my walks brought me from Barcelona to the Cop 21 (Climate Conference) in Paris, folding boats out of trash I found on my path, sleeping outside, sharing with people on the road.

Writing has always been central in my work and this year my wandering takes place on paper, in the computer and in my mind. I am writing a book about walking and setting up my Bureau of Slow Endeavours (BurSE). I'd like to invite you to accompany me on that walk, to be walking partners, to make it possible for me to create my stories and return them to you.

In the past I've been writing stories and articles that have been published online and in printing. Some of it and documentation of all my walks can be found here:

A Soft Armour (Barcelona - Paris)
A Soft Armour (Amsterdam - Vienna)
A Soft Armour (Amsterdam - Marseille)
A Soft Armour (108 days)
Walking with trees (Spanish border - Montserrat Mountains)

Keep an eye on my daily/weekly notes and stories here: Exercises in Being Here

We meet and we continue on our travels but our roads keep crossing, old roads crossing new roads, walking in each other’s footsteps, meeting people knowing people we once lived around the corner from. We say the world is small but it isn't. We are small. And the world is big. But we look for each other, we need each other. We want to be connected. And the world gives us what we want. We see each other in people passing by, in newspapers, books. In bridges, trees, airplanes. We touch each other by looking at the sky, by listening to the winds, the cars rushing by. We leave traces, marks, memories, we are everywhere.

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