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🦀 Suggestions on the next monthly topic for the polls! 

About Monkfish Studios

Hello! I am Kal, although you might also know me as Psychorrhax online. I am currently a freelance artist with focuses on illustration and 3D production. Monkfish Studios is the little company name I work under, and maybe it can be something more in the future.

What is it I do?

I create commissions of character art, concept art, and 3D animate. I am currently working on mastering the entire 3D pipeline! While doing so, I am creating a small webseries called 'Keepers of Grey'-- a D&D world with flairs inspired by other high fantasy I enjoyed. The 3D process may take a while on my own, but I will always show progress.

What this Patreon is for?

I appreciate all the support, whether it is people who enjoy my art or people who donate to my Patreon! While I plan on continuing to work on my art, supporting my Patreon allows me to dedicate more time to creating. I hope in the future to be able to sustain myself and no longer need a concurrent job. Finances saved will also go to supporting costs when I reach the stage of needing voices, sound, and music. 
Due to the D&D-related content of KoG, it is not patron-exclusive, but will be shown to patrons a week earlier before going public.

I will continue to create illustrations, including a monthly full digital painting as voted on by Patrons. 

What are the cool things that Patrons get?
  • The biggest part of the community is the monthly art poll! This is where patrons can suggest a full piece from me at the end of the month. Generally, the poll starts off as a suggestion of what fan art topic (anime, movie, tv-show), then to which character. This will take place in the first week of the month.
  • Certain tiers can give suggestions.
  • If I receive no suggestions, then I will have my choice of what to poll.
  • Reminder for suggestions, this is, and always will aim to be, a SFW patron.
  • Access to the poll will be given to patrons who already paid, due to my current model of not charging upfront.
  • All patrons get access to my sketches and concept art prior to submissions to other social media! This may be a week or more in advance! 
  • Listed tiers will receive larger wallpaper-sized files of the monthly art poll picture.
  • Patrons also get earlier access to my end of the month art timelapse, as well as shoutouts in the video on the youtube channel.
  • Tiers also get access to a monthly sketch. 
  • The art rewards will be released during the last week of the month.

I will also show appreciation to people who support my work through specific tiers. While they might currently be limited, I can expand them in the future when I can gauge what I will be capable of. 
(Tiers may change in the future depending on the number of patrons, but patrons will still get their appropriate tier reward for that month if this occurs.)
If my Patreon reaches member milestones, enough for a regular community, Monkfish Studios will open an official discord.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
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