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Join the community today and become part of the Monky London adventure! Patreon serves as an outlet for ML fans & supporters who want to get involved with the channel and help take it to the next level!

Your contribution big or small will be directly utilised to help me bring you even more epic, next level content, purely for your viewing pleasure!

Their are numerous Patreon membership rewards to unlock that are exclusive to Patrons!

These include:

📞 Access to the Monky London private Discord server! Talk to me and the ML family directly! Large community with exclusive behind the scenes content, live chat, numerous different channel topics & maximum Monky goodness!

📹 Early access to new ML YouTube videos! Watch & comment on the action before the general public! I'll also reply & heart your comments prior to the video going live for that exclusive Spunky touch!

👕Discount codes + Pre Release! Make savings on some of the sickest gear around with monthly ML merchandise discount codes! Savings from 10-20% exclusive to patrons, and 1 day early pre release! Guarantee your place and save a few P's while you'r e there, result!

🏁 Access to the Monky London Assetto Corsa server! Become a drifting God, chat bollocks & do fat duggits as we navigate the world of Assetto Corsa online! Large community including recommended car / track / game mod downloads, tips, tech support, drift work shops + loads more!

🐒 Get those personal Monky feels woop woop. I'll add you on my Facebook & follow you on Instagram! The ultimate in full Monky goodnessl!

🎬 Have your name / company name listed in the end credits! Get recognised worldwide for helping me make my work possible!

🎁 Discord competition give away's! Win cool stuff in my Discord prize draws! Includes rare memrobilia, random stuff and cool things from my sponsors!

🏆 + Support the channel and be an absolute Don! 

Check out the Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum membership rewards for full details, much goodness awaits you yo tres nom!! ➡️ View Rewards

If you have come this far you hopefully enjoy my videos and know what I'm all about! If not check out some of my work! 

Sickkkk music ✔️
Comedy antics ✔️
Some donut called John ✔️
Project builds ✔️
Car reviews ✔️
Motorsport adventures ✔️
Massive duggits ✔️

The list goes on... If you're obsessed with your motors then ML TV is where it's at yo!


If you love my content then you should know one thing, I love making it for you!

YouTube has been a fantastic platform for me over the years, but the algortyhym hasn't been kind financially favouring quantity over quality! With some videos taking me days to edit it's a tough battle keeping it all moving. In basic, I make peanuts compared to other YouTubers bashing out regular bollocks 😂

End of the day, I'm here for the peeps enjoyment and not to make monies. I don't want to change my format, I just want to make you banging videos, but I need a bit of help to keep it coming for you!

As well as this imagine more videos! A consistent flow of daily madness all whilst striving to bring you the highest quality contents around!

With just a small bit of sofa change a month, collectively, I can completely transform your Monky London experience! That's where Patreon comes in!


All of this is possible if I can get enough of you lovelies on board, the more support I can get over time, the more extreme and regular I can make the content! Forget regular TV, ML TV is where it's at!

I've set out some community based goals based on how many Patrons that join.

The current goal is to get 500 Patrons so I can employ a full time camera man! This will enable me to ramp up the video quality and most importantly make them more regular.

At present it's mental trying to film / drive / narrate all at once so an additional camera man will make a huggeee difference to the channel, you guys will notice a massive improvement! 💪

I'll update the goals as we go so you guys can monitor progress, but hopefully you can see that a small amount of change is gonna go a long long way to bringing you a lot more content! 

The potential is literally endless if I can just get you guys behind me! 🙏


You can help me achieve this by joining the ML family and becoming a Patron!

As an ML family member you will have access to a wealth of perks & rewards not available anywhere else! You will also have the ability to speak to me in real time on Discord! If their is anything you think that would be awesome for us to embrace, feel free to throw it out to me.

A big part of this movement is a focus on collaborating with you guys and embracing / building the Monky London community, this channel is for the people and I want to keep it that way!

With your help we can smash the game and show the world what Monky London is really all about, sick automotive content for pure petrol heads!

Become a Patron today, join the automotive adventure & help me take this madness to the next level! I promise to bring you the sickest automotive content around!

Thank you hugely for everything so far, I literally couldn't have done it without you guys really means a lot!


320 of 500 patrons
Regular Content! Once we reach 500 Patrons in the ML family I will employ a full time camera man / editor to work by my side, week in week out, enabling me to showcase you even more sick content yo! By sharing the workload I can concentrate more on finding, creating & filming the madness all whilst releasing it far more regularly, without sacrificing quality, winner! Imagine more camera angles, more cinematic's, more trick editing & a consistent flow of high quality madness! Who needs TV when you've got this much goodness! Help me reach this goal and I will bring you some of the best automotive content the internet has to offer, that's a promise!
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