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This tier is for supporting us on a per month basis. Named for Gwen's staple food she gets for every meal. Don’t worry Crunchies are appreciated too. 😊
What you will get for being a Crunchy:
  • Once or twice a month a poll containing requests will be posted and all patrons will be able and are encouraged to vote.
  • Other polls may appear from time to time and you will be able to vote in them.
  • You will get sneak previews of my up and coming creations.
  • A Crunchy role with access to an exclusive channel on my discord server.
Includes Discord benefits
Anti-Hairball Snacks
per month
This tier is for supporting us on a per month basis. Named for Gwen's snacks she gets mixed in with her breakfast every morning. It's like a treasure hunt every morning!

What you will get for being an Anti-Hairball Snack:
  • Everything in the previous tier
  • You will gain the ability to request recolors of my or EA meshes. [1] [2] [3]
  • You will become an "official" beta tester for my new meshes.
  • You will get sneak previews of my up and coming creations along with the ability to give suggestions and request colors options. [2]
  • An Anti-Hairball Snack role with access to all patron exclusive channels on my discord server.
[1] Approved requests will be made into a poll where all patrons can vote on which ones get done. Depending on how many and how complicated they are more than one could be considered "winner".
[2] There may be instances where a request won't make it into the polls. I will always consider requests of patrons but still retain the ability to refuse on the grounds of it not being in my skill set or if it's something that I do not agree with morally, for example, I will always say no to any requests that encourage hateful and/or violent behaviors.
[3] I may place a limit on how many requests can be made in a given amount of time later.
Includes Discord benefits
Meaty Chew Stick
per month
This tier is for meant to be used as a one-time commission type of pledge but if you are inclined to pledge this amount monthly we’ll love you! Named for Gwen's favorite treat the Meaty Chew Stick! She gets them when she has been very good or just when we feel like showing her how much she's loved.

What you will get for being a Meaty Chew Stick:
  • Everything in the lower tiers
  • The ability to bypass the polls when making requests [1] [2]
  • Our eternal gratitude for such a lavishly generous pledge
  • A Meaty Chew Stick role with access to all patron exclusive channels on my discord server.
[1] We still retain the right to refuse a request on the same grounds defined in the lower tier.
[2] Please limit your requests using this tier to once per month any additional requests will be put in the polls like in the lower tier.
Includes Discord benefits




per month


Hello, we're MonoChaos. We're that weird simmer that talks in plural the majority of the time. The Sims franchise has been our life since the Sims 1 came out in 2000. Meanwhile creating CC has been our passion since the start of the Sims 2 in 2004. In the later days of the Sims 3 we started dabbling in XML modding. Now in the Sims 4 era we make recolors of EA meshes as well as some new meshes and a couple XML tuning mods.

We're extremely shy, although we don't mind talking to people and establishing friendships. While we are open to constructive criticism and suggestions, rudeness and baseless negativity will not be tolerated or even acknowledged.

The Sims and making CC has been our passion for a long time and we are excited at the prospect of being able to turn this passion into a way to help out with the household bills. We understand if you can't afford to help out but any and all help is greatly appreciated. Please check out the tiers to see what you'll be able to get in return for helping out this disabled cc creator.
4 of 30 patrons
Once I reach this goal I will hopefully be able to pledge some of my favorite creators and dear friends.
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