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Thank you!!! The fact that you even like my writing enough to want to support in any way is very heartwarming and motivating...

By pledging here, you get...
  • Eternal gratitude.
  • Access to invite-only Enchanted Library Discord Server, where you can poke me for fics, ask for status updates, and even help me decide what to work on.
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If you pledge here, you get...


  • First-drafts of finished chapters of any main fic (TEK, Crimson, Bodyguard!AU).
  • First-drafts of finished one-shots if I don’t intend on posting fresh off the oven. 
  • First look at updates on the EL Visual Novel, which is still being worked on.
  • All previous rewards.
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  • Access to Enchanted Kingdom folder for viewing chapters as they’re being written.
  • First-look at Enchanted Library/Kingdom artwork if it’s done before posting time.
  • RARITY and TWILIGHT SPARKLE tier rewards. 
  • Access to my original works.
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About Monochromatic


I'm Monochromatic, and as most of you know, I love to write words (specifically horsewords)! Though I've been writing for years now, it wasn't until the MLP fandom that I realized this is my passion and I want to be able to improve and share better stories.

I actually started this patreon so as to be able to add neat artwork and features to EL while being able to properly and justly pay the artists helping me out on this o:

Of course, and this is very important to me, if you don't have the means to do so, please don't feel pressured to support me! The support I've gotten since I started EL/EK and writing in general is enough to keep me motivated even throughout the really hard times, but this is just so the hard times are a little less hard. I have always firmly believed that my writings are free to be enjoyed without any cost, so that will continue as always.

Thank you so much!


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