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Howdy Hi! Howdy Hey! We’re the Monochrome Workshop, a group of creators, working on the Monochrome RPG! A punnerific 1920s themed cartoon adventure starring the dashingly cute, Ottomess Blohtz, aka Otto!

The Monochrome RPG is a roleplaying game that follows Otto as he jokes his way through the city of Vaudeville proving that violence isn’t always the best way to save the day and that a little humor can go a long way. Are you ready to join Otto on the adventure of a decade as you help him build his troupe of singing, acting, and effects casting members?!

Try the Demo on Itch now! Available for PC/Mac!

Vaudeville, a land full of happy-go-lucky cartoon characters, that value entertainment above all else! Due to Otto’s...different appearance and constant nervousness he’s been isolated causing him to wear a hood and move outside Vaudeville limits, slightly past ToonTown, into an old abode with oddly rude furniture. Eventually, Otto is able to find work at the nearby docks and gets a roommate to help pay rent while trying to learn how to socialize.

Years pass, people change, and politics happen! Vaudeville has a new mayor, Mayor Munchen LeStache! The economy is now in an uproar! The entertainment bubble has burst! Interestingly, labor jobs are decreasing as work is deemed dangerous due to suspicious disappearances.
What could be causing these sudden changes? How will they impact Otto’s new life? Watch as the disruptions in Vaudevillian society thrust Otto into a series of annoying situations!

  • Troupe - Guide Otto into using the jokes he’s practiced in the mirror to help him build a troupe of companions for taking on bigger, badder, and bleaker opponents!
  • Vaudevillian AI - Using modern technologies with old-timey campy imagination we’ve designed an interactive cartoon society!
  • Laughtabulous Events - Experience procedural situations and watch as small choices lead to big, interesting, and honestly weird events!

The Monochrome RPG is currently planned for PC and Mac! We’ve been working on a demo for over a year! Give it a try on Itch!!!!

What's the Monochrome Workshop?

In an ever-expanding Discord server sits a group of creators: artists, musicians, programs...that’s the Monochrome Workshop! We’re a collaborative effort to support the dream of the Monochrome RPG. We’re a group that loves the idea of the Monochrome cartoon world and try our best to support the development of the game however we can! Want to know what we’re like? Interested in a chat about the game? Hop in our Discord server to learn more about us and the RPG.

Art created for the Monochrome RPG:

Music created by Workshop Musicians:

Main Menu Track

Battle Theme 

Credits Theme 

Why are we on Patreon?

We’ve seen so many people interested in the game! We have so many people interested in helping and supporting! But we need a way to support everyone’s efforts.

We need a way to help our artists, musicians, and other creators find time to do what they do best. We need a way to reach out to as many people as possible so we can amass the hype we know this game can!

Want to Help? Get Involved!

We’re always looking for more creators to help contribute to the RPG. If you’re an artist, musician, story writer, or just love 2D cartoon games, join our Discord and learn about how you can get involved with the game’s creation!

History of the Workshop and RPG

The RPG’s design was started more than 2 years ago! A group of digital creators worked for a year on the game’s story, building worlds, characters, factions, and more! After the first year of design, development began and the first members of the Monochrome Workshop teamed up! After releasing a prototype in June 2019, and building a website for team recruitment in September 2019 the Workshop expanded from 20 to more than 60 creators! We’ve proudly just released the latest version of the RPG, the Demo+ on Itch! And now we’re ready to start the next round of development to get a build ready for everyone to play!!!
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