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Hello, I'm monoclecat! A cat who wears multiple hats! I love to write and illustrate my own stories which are usually fantasy genre-specific. I'm currently working on a middle-grade illustrated novel as my thesis for an M.F.A children's literature program. Once finished (December 2019 or Summer 2020), I will launch another story, The Tinkering Child of 42, an illustrated webserial!

I also run risocat studio, a private risograph printer under the handle risocat. The studio's website also serves as my personal blog and online shop.

Purpose of This Patreon
When I was younger I was often subscribed to magazines like Highlights and book clubs where I would receive something in the mail monthly if I was a subscriber. I wanted to make a subscription-type Patreon where supporters could receive some sort of physical item sort in exchange for their support.

Subscribers at the $5 and up tier will receive different physical goodies all shipped at no additional cost. These items will also be available in my online shop or at conventions, but at a la carte pricing and will not include free shipping if purchased online.

Future Plans and Goals For This Patreon
Ultimately, when I am finished with my thesis I would like to work on my story, The Tinkering Child of 42 which will be an illustrated webserial available weekly in digital format, and monthly as a saddle-stitched, 2 color riso-printed Little Library Book. I would also like to offer a 3+ color riso-printed broadside advertisement with content from my webserial as well.

What's a Little Library Book?
It's just a term I coined for personal use. A LLB is a mix of a zine and an artist book presented monthly like a serial comic, but in a chapter book format yet intended for middle grade readers and adults! It's my way of presenting my story in a way I want without being labeled as one thing or another. For my Patreon, I will offer LLBs after 100 subscribers or whenever I finish my thesis (whichever comes first!). They will be 2 color riso-printed on various types of kozo paper and saddle-stitch bound.

What's a Broadside?
Traditionally, a broadside was a large piece of printed matter with text-based content of some sort. Some broadsides included illustrations and most were typographically crafted with care. For my Patreon, I will offer broadsides after 50 subscribers! They will be riso-printed with 3 or more colors and will feature content from my story The Tinkering Child of 42, albeit at a smaller size than most broadsides.

What's The Tinkering Child of 42 about?
The Tinkering Child of 42 is an illustrated webserial which revolves around hydrologist Alexis Mikkel Erling during his 15-year period of isolation after making a mysterious error in his work. It will update online weekly with each chapter released monthly in print format.

What's a riso-print?
All printed matter offered on my Patreon will be printed on my Risograph--a type of digital duplicator, much like a mimeograph (stencil duplicator). Created in 1986 by the Riso Kagaku Corporation of Japan, it was originally marketed to offices, schools, and churches to create a high volume of printed matter meant for mass consumption at a much faster and cheaper price than printing machines of the time. Today risography is also used by artists to create beautiful illustrations and artist books!

By subscribing to my Patreon I can spend more time on my art and stories! When goals are met, new tiers will be unlocked!

Please note: each subscriber will be charged at the beginning of the month, for example, new subscriptions for the $5 tier made during the month of April (after the 1st) will not receive physical items until the end of May, after their first payment is processed on the 1st of that month.

Thank you so much for checking out my Patreon page! I love being active on social media, so if you would like to connect via various apps, please check out or my print studio's website
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  • A $10 tier will be added which will include a monthly broadside that features content from my story, The Tinkering Child of 42.
  • Monthly wallpaper added to the $2 tier and up.
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