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Read the first MONOCUL story "Overtime Payback" for FREE here!

Hello there freaks, Dalton Deschain here!  I'm the creator of MONOCUL, a brand new horror comic with an anti-technocapitalist twist.

MONOCUL is a brand new anthology horror comic written by yours truly and illustrated by a collection of the best underground and upcoming comic artists I can find.  The series combines the pulpy blood and monsters of Tales From the Crypt with the same incisive take on modern tech companies as HBO's Silicon Valley.  Every story revolves around a fictional tech mega-corporation called MONOCUL. Think Apple, Amazon, Google, etc. We'll travel around to every facet of their monolithic global presence and discover the hidden terrors that lurk beneath the surface.

Every month, a new 8-page complete MONOCUL story will be released digitally to Patreon subscribers.  A two-page preview will be available to non-subscribers. Every three stories, they'll be collected into a print issue available to the public!

Some of you may also be familiar with my pulp-punk band  Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show, and our wild conceptual-theatrical rock shows. Well, each $4-or-higher patron level includes special Traveling Show bonus content as well!

Check out the video above for more info, read the teaser story, browse the public posts, listen to the music, and join a community of like-minded horror fans!
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I'll start a Patrons-only Twitter feed where I'll release new choose-your-own-adventure stories where the outcome is voted on by you, the Patrons!
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