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About Xan Farley

Hello, Patreon! I'm Xan, or Lithish, or Lumi. I'm a Seattle-based game designer and storyteller hitting the ground running with multiple ambitious fantasy projects, such as The Priestess Comic and Cult of the Night Queen.

By supporting me, you support a queer storyteller telling queer stories, with an emphasis on personal growth and healing in dark times. In return, you'll get sneak peeks at the development of these stories and even a hand in their creation!

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It's a webcomic slated to launch in July 2020! In an urban fantasy world not too unlike our own, a retired mad scientist (Max) and a chaos-wreaking professional thief (Melica) go on a cross-continental, crime-ridden road trip in the name of a mutual friend (Kirinen) who really didn't ask for this. It's equal parts buddy criminal tragedy and banter-heavy recovery story, with a hefty side of environmental storytelling.

As my patron, you get special sneak peeks, concept art, and even Patron-exclusive side comics and character spotlights!

It's a game in which players become the leader of a newborn cult! In this role, they must manage the cult's resources, keep the Temple defended from ransacking Adventurers, and answer to a callous, increasingly demanding Goddess. It's tower defense meets Tamagotchi with a side of the occult!

As my patron, you get special access to development updates and early builds, as well as the same for side projects and game jam work!

In Conclusion...

Thank you for stopping by my page! My work would not be possible without your patronage. Every little bit helps! If you can't provide monetary support, you can still help by telling your friends and spreading the word.

The world needs more spooky, hopeful stories, wouldn't you agree?
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