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Oh, you vicious creature. You've eaten the baby again, haven't you? Oh well. You take what you want, and thus, you get a bit of extra content. We'll give you an extra episode of odds and ends in between the main episodes. What will they be? We don't even know. How could we tell you? Anyway, please don't eat our goats, ye frothing devil of the night. We need those.

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Oh doink! Holy frick! You're so helpful!  Maybe like, more helpful than we were actually prepared for! Know what though? We're gonna make sure you're the dapper-est lumbering monstrosity to ever hit the bricks in medieval Prague! Clothe your jacked clay bod and make a killer fashion statement with your very own Monsters Conquer the World t-shirt! Finally, an outfit that goes perfectly with the sacred piece of paper in your mouth that magically grants you life! Golems also get access to the bonus content available to El Chupacabras.  We're still working on getting you guys goats.




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Monsters Conquer The World is a long-running blog providing reviews of kaiju movies which has now expanded into podcasting. The focus of the podcast includes horror, cryptids and cultural analysis as well as the giant monsters we have grown to love. It can be difficult starting out with these films and we aim to inform (?) and entertain (?) those who are both new and experienced with these genres/areas of interest.

Matt has been watching kaiju, in particular, for his entire life. His love and excitement for these movies is obvious as soon as he starts talking about them. His knowledge is already deep and always growing. But why not just have fun with it?

We hope to be able to continue providing light-hearted analysis well into the future and contributing at any level will help us to do that.
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This is about 5 solid pizza dinners (for two) per month. We're Midwestern fellas. We immediately convert all currency to cheese and bread. Anyway, if we start making this many "dollars", that's what we will spend them on. Oh, and it will be easier to justify spending hours and hours on a podcast about monsters.
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