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About Never Angeline Nørth

Hi! My name is Never Angeline Nørth (formerly Moss Angel (formerly Sara June Woods)). I'm a queer & trans writer, tattooist, artist, designer, comix maker and general all-around creative up-to-no-good. I am the author and designer of many books, including Sea-Witch, Careful Mountain and Sara or the Existence of Fire. Others have described my work as occult, surreal, anticapitalist, gay, gender-broken, explicit, etc.

This patreon gives you access to my newest work as I create it, as well as a huge archive of my past work (for example, all of Sea-Witch is here for you to read in full, including a PDF of the full text with art). I will be posting PDFs of my all books before they are released!

I am currently serializing a novel, working title YELLOW, a reality-broken narrative about one woman who has lived her entire life in the same room and another who spends her days loving others in a coffee shop while spending her nights dreaming of a beach house where she lives with her dog. Along the way characters encounter tiny copies of themselves, a barista builds a chimney in a woman's face and mothers climb out of mouths only to turn into glowing moths. I will be posting drawings and comics to go along with the book as I write it. Who knows, maybe even a t-shirt or two so you can publicly proclaim your love of this book that isn't finished yet.

Speaking of shirts, I also make shirts, some of which tie into my books, but some of which are stand-alone designs. All patrons get a code for a 15% discount on any shirts, tank tops, sweats, etc they buy from my website.

As things go, I will continue to think of more perks for subscribers and add those as they come along. So sign up, throw a few bucks my way and I'll try to make it worth your while!

Here is some praise by others:

"If Moss Angel is a witch, she's a witch the world needs."
-Blake Butler on Sea-Witch

"I fucking love this whole weird project."
- Imogen Binnie (author of Nevada) on Sea-Witch

"Moss Angel seeks the limits of form and returns with a text as inventive and flexing as its subject."
- Amelia Gray on Sea-Witch

"As soon as the image becomes clear, it moves again. This is a gorgeous book.”
–Casey Plett (author of Little Fish and A Safe Girl to Love) on Careful Mountain

“Moss Angel is a writer of a different feather. Her work is special and strange and defiant—open yourself up to Sea-Witch, it's some otherworldly poignant shit you didn’t know you needed.” - Sung Yim (author of What About the Rest of Your Life) on Sea-Witch

"She has a way of creating that gives you permission to be different for a little while." - Alexis Smithers, writing for Autostraddle

"Moss Angel's monstrosity is moving and politically charged." - Johannes Goransson on Sea-Witch

"More of this, please. More work that tears everything down so it can be rebuilt from the foundation!" - Jac Jemc on Sea-Witch

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