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About Monty Harper

Patreon has updated the page format, so I'm now pointing in silly directions in this video - working on a new one to post soon...

 Thank you! 

Dear patrons and fans, thank you - for attending my shows, for singing along, for downloading and streaming the songs, for "liking" the videos - for all the ways you let my music into your lives. This is what keeps me going.

If you're here for the first time, welcome, and thanks for your interest! 

 Hi, I'm Monty Harper 

I'm a children's songwriter in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Music has been my full-time profession for most of my adult life. Right now I'm also teaching college algebra half time, but my hope is that Patreon's financial model will help me get back to full-time music making.

 What Is Patreon? 

  • This is where I post the new songs I write and record. 
  • Get all the songs and more by becoming a patron.
  • Patrons pay a small amount per song, like a recurring tip.
  • My goal is to sign up enough patrons to write and record songs full time.
To learn more about Patreon and how pledging works, check out the FAQ.

 More Details 

Click the big orange button, top right, that says "Become a Patron." Your family will get exclusive first access to all my new songs and videos.

Any amount you pledge per song is great. You'll be charged on a per song basis, only when new songs are posted. For now I try to post one new song every month or two. Over time I may post more frequently. You can always adjust your pledge as needed.

You'll be invited to participate. I will invite you into my creative process. How much you engage is up to you.

You'll be rewarded. Rewards listed in the right-hand column show exactly what you'll receive in return for your pledge.

 What Is Flying Spaghetti Music? 

My writing for kids and families is fueled by a scientific, humanistic world view. I value critical thinking, literacy, education, diversity, curiosity, imagination, humor, silliness, inquiry, wonder, compassion, respect, cooperation, reason, democracy, and a life well-lived!

I mostly write about science, reading, families, and fun! If you're comfortable with evolution, Harry Potter, Halloween, and asking questions, then you'll gladly embrace my "Flying Spaghetti Music."

 See For Yourself 

This video playlist includes past songs released with the help of my Flying Spaghetti Music patrons on Patreon. This is the kind of work I'm asking you to support.

$95 of $360 per Song
At $360/song I'll be able to treat Patreon as a "real" job and commit to posting new songs on a regular basis.

I'll celebrate reaching this goal by upgrading my home studio software to the current version of Digital Performer. This will improve my workflow with new and improved recording tools.

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