Monty Harper is creating Flying Spaghetti Music

Noodles & Butter

$1 /creation
Access the patrons-only stream. Get progress reports, behind-the-scenes peeks, opportunities to offer input, and more. Be among the first to enjoy Monty's new songs on YouTube, knowing you helped m...

Spaghetti with Meat Balls

$3 /creation
Everything above plus...
Download each new song so you can listen whenever, wherever, and however you want. Download packs include: .wav and .mp3 files, an instruments-only mix (to sing along w...

Pasta Primavera

$5 /creation
Everything above plus...
With each new song, you also get to download an entire CD from Monty’s back catalog. Already have the music? These downloads are gift-able to a friend!

Marinara Club

$10 /creation
Everything above plus...
Get a credit in the lyric video for each new song.

Sous Chef

$25 /creation
Everything above plus...
Get an executive producer credit in the lyric video for each new song.