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My name's Melanie Xulu, I’m a student and the founder/editor of MOOF Magazine, which I started when I was 17 years old in June of 2017. MOOF is an underground psychedelic music & arts magazine with a penchant for the more obscure, online and in print. Since its creation almost three years ago we have self-published seven print issues, put on lots of events (from a folk gig in an 11th century Devon monastery to a 70s porno soundtrack night), we have hosted a few radio shows, and are currently stocked in Rough Trade and several other record/book stores across the UK and USA.
You can visit our online shop here

The first issue of MOOF and the making of our website was entirely self-funded. Thankfully over the months, donations, advertising and pre-orders have helped, but it's not at all stable or completely reliable. If we are going to continue publishing MOOF magazine we will need a more secure and stable pot of MOOF money. In the short time the magazine has been up and running, we've managed to get an amazing and ever-growing team of writers, artists, and contributors from all over the world on board and the magazine has sold out internationally. As well as hosting a successful fortnightly MOOF radio show on local community radio, in 2020 we have started a brand new radio show on Soho Radio.

As readers of MOOF will know, there are few publications like it around. Being completely independent and having that "DIY" ethos, means we don't have a filter as such, and can publish whatever we like, whenever we like. Most magazines are moving online, but in an age of digital everything, we think it's extremely important that print publications continue to exist - you won't get that 'fresh off the press' smell from an online blog!

A large part of MOOF is promoting, supporting and shedding light on the current psychedelic music scene, which means doing interviews with current bands, reviewing new albums, and playing new music on the radio show is extremely important to us. Since moving to London in 2018 we have been putting on more gigs and events than ever, hoping to showcase exciting up-and-coming bands. We would love to put on more events in the future.

However, we could do so much more if we didn't have the worry or pressure of lack of funds on our shoulders. So, Patreon to the rescue! Becoming a patron of MOOF will help give us a stable monthly income which we will be able to put towards the printing of the magazine, putting on events, and ideally being able to pay our amazing writers and contributors. By becoming a patron, you'll get access to exclusive content, first dibs on merchandise and much more! 

Thanks for supporting us on this journey, we have high hopes for the future and your support will help us massively.

Love & joy,
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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