Mooncalf Studios is creating apps, RPGs, and browser games.

Karma Points

$2 /mo
  • For every 2 dollars you pledge, you'll receive 3 karma points on either Path, Blood or Rise.
  • Recurring reward! You'll get this karma paid into the account of your c...

1 More Hour

$10 /mo
  • David promises to work 1 extra hour on the project of your choice (health and other extreme factors permitting).
  • David's default working week is currently 30 hours on Path / Rise (n...

Insider Access

$10 /mo
  • Vote on patron-only polls to decide on important development issues, as they come up. Some of these issues will be entirely decided by you, the fans.
  • Receive testing access for all ...

Unique Patron Relic / Power

$50 /mo
  • A one-off, one-of-a-kind relic for Path / Blood of the Vampire, or power on Rise of the New Gods.
  • Receive this reward when your total patron donation amount reaches $50 or more.