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Calves: Hope & Ray
per month
Hope and Ray were found on the side of the road in southwest NSW. They were found barely surviving and entrusted to our care. Hope is best friend and mentor to Ray (the bashful boy following her!).
Calves: Oreo & Kernel
per month
Oreo was rescued along with her tiny buddy Kernel from a dairy farm. Just 2 weeks old, Oreo barely had the strength to drink from her bottle. With love, kindness, perseverance and patience Oreo and Kernel are thriving.
Alpacas: Tahini & Tamari
per month
Tahini and Tamari are the shaggy shepherds of the resident sheep. Sheep and particularly lambs can be vulnerable to predators such as wild dogs and foxes. The alpacas provide important security and companionship for all of the sanctuary's resident sheep and lambs.




per month

About Moo to Ewe Farmed Animal Sanctuary

Our mission is to provide a forever home for farmed animals and allow them the freedom to live out their existence in their own way. 

And to share their stories and lives with you!

Our family have lived a vegan lifestyle for years & have a single focussed aim of educating/influencing more & more people toward the benefits of a plant based lifestyle.

We hope to increase awareness of the farm, thereby increasing the number of private tours, with personal engagement with our residents consequently broadening the compassion for farmed animals, ensuring they become more aware of the sad plight the animals endure every day. 

As a non-profit organisation, our aim is to educate and connect humanity to these living, loving individuals. Every dollar pledged is valued tremendously because it helps us to maintain the best care possible for our residents.

We are gradually homing more animals in need, hence the increased need to seek funding. Their continual care requires regular funds. Every dollar pledged counts towards their monthly feed and vet bills. 

As a sponsor, you will gain access to exclusive content (content not shared on our social media pages Instagram and Facebook).
This content may include video updates of their daily mishaps and adventures and their progress and friendships with other residents

By sponsoring a group of animal residents at Moo to Ewe, you will have the joy in knowing that you are personally helping and contributing to the ongoing care and happiness of your sponsored animals!
$122 of $500 per month
$500 per month would provide us much needed financial support with monthly feed, treatment, veterinary costs for the residents of our sanctuary.

Our monthly bills are approximately 
$400 in animal feed (hay, pellets, fruit & veg)
$500 in treatments/veterinary bills 
$100 in on-farm maintenance and construction

We can provide the best possible care for each individual thanks to your ongoing contribution!
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