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About Moot Pointe

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter or Go Fund Me except instead of a lump sum campaign Patreon seeks “patrons” to support the arts and artists on a monthly basis. It’s somewhat like public television and their pledge drives. For instance, you offer this much support and get a certain gift, or you offer that much support and get a certain other gift. Check out Moot Point’s really cool stuff in the “Rewards" section.

The reason for the Patreon campaign is simple; I can’t produce the strip with any regularity without your support. So there you have it. With your support and wonderful patronage Moot Pointe can continue its rampage through the galaxy. Without your support it slowly dies and gets buried in a shallow grave behind the shed. With you ... life, joy, laughter. Without you ... death and stench. The choice is obvious.

As you can see by the samples below, or by visiting the website, the strips in general often have some significant art and storyline, at least significant enough to take some time to create. Yet another reason I’m unable to produce the strip in large quantities while also maintaining a “normal” occupation. So with your help, there's lots, lots, lots, lots, and lots more to come. And also with your help, I can tell my current boss to go stick his head in a blender. Oh wait, I'm self-employed!

Moot Pointe is an increasingly populer webcomic that lampoons politics, pop culture, everyday life, and just about everything and anything. Nothing is off limits ... except toast; it never makes fun of toast. So, whether you’re on the left, on the right, for this, or against that, Moot Pointe is for you. We really think no matter what side you're on or position you have, things are taken a bit too seriously nowadays and we all just need to lighten up and laugh a little more.

My name is David Mills and I’ve been producing Moot Pointe on and off for decades mostly for my own amusement and the enjoyment of family, friends, and that guy that lives behind the 7-11. The strip had its genesis way back in the '80s. But since it’s not what I do for a living I’ve literally gone 5 to 10 years at a time without drawing. Recently (Late 2016, early 2017) I took a few months off from my regular job to create a website and Facebook page to get things rolling again. This Patreon campaign is an attempt to now keep it rolling. I have decades of comics, fermenting like a barrel of delicious Vernors ginger ale, just waiting to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. With your help, we can indeed keep it rolling and continue the chaos.

Thanks, and thanks again. Myself and the gang at Moot Pointe greatly appreciate it. Enjoy a sampling of comics below. Some of the strips are stand-alones and some are excerpts from longer romps. See more at the Official Moot Pointe Website

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With this monthly pledge amount the creator (me) should be able to avoid personal bankruptcy, replace the broken screen door, and produce hopefully somewhere between two or so comics per week.
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