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About Save The Ocean Podcast

Mountain Ocean Project (M.O.P.) is an organization created by Austen Anderson a marine biologist, innovator, and an avid surfer. MOP has picked up over 6,000 lbs of trash from the beaches of Galveston, TX. 

I would like to personally thank you for coming here. This place is for those of you who want to support ocean conservation. The way this platform works is you can support creators for the content they create. In my case its educational content on ocean conservation, eco solutions, and clean-ups.

Please feel free to express yourself in this community, because this is the purpose of this page. What topics would you like to learn about or discuss here in this community? Tell me! I want to connect with you on a deeper level. I also want you to feel at home and feel free to make great connections with people within this community. 

What is Patreon and why do you use it?

MOP is so excited to use this platform to connect with ocean lovers on a deeper level! This place is for those of you who want to support MOP and our mission for a plastic-free ocean. We have the solutions we just need support! Our mission remains to have a huge positive environmental impact and with your support, it makes it much easier for us to do just that!

If you’re not familiar with Patreon, the concept is that you support a creator financially for each piece of valuable content they create for you. In MOP’s case, its educational videos, environmental podcasts and eco knowledge/tips via our social media.

Everyone has a passion for life and Patreon enables passionate creators to receive support from their communities. MOP really believes in this concept, because we want to invest in our community and bring up other creators with us. Please consider supporting my work/content with the amount you feel is worthy.

How does it work?
You support my content via Patreon
I provide 4 Podcasts a month. Every download/view = Pulls 1 Pound of Trash from The Ocean
MOP's Social media content spreading ocean conservation awareness.
The last podcast of the month will answer your questions/topics posted in our Patreon Group.

Where does my money go?

Your support enables MOP to invest time on spreading ocean pollution awareness through our free content such as our YouTube videos, website, and podcasts. Your money goes straight back to the community and enables MOP’s presence on the battlefield so we can keep fighting for a plastic-free ocean! Thank you for supporting our positive movement of a cleaner ocean.

MOP has innovative solutions to stop ocean pollution, so we thank you for supporting the future of ocean conservation.

I can’t afford to support this.

That’s completely fine! Trust me I know what it feels like to struggle financially. Please use your money where you need it the most. We all have bills and a stomach to feed, so I totally get it. MOP will continue to deliver free content regardless. We’re not going anywhere. Stopping the pollution of our oceans is our passion and we are here to stay. MOP will continue to make a positive difference in peoples lives and our resources go back to the community.

What is MOP? Who is behind this project?

Mountain Ocean Project is the future to ocean conservation. We are based out of Galveston, Texas. We’ve removed over 6,000 pounds of trash off the beaches of Galveston.
The founder is Austen Anderson. I want to create a better world for everyone and a healthier ocean for all the marine life that inhabit it.

Our videos and podcasts have the opportunity to reach thousands of people and influence our viewers in ways most media can’t. Podcasts are a simple way to pass on ocean pollution awareness to the general public. Our Q&A’s, topics, polls, via our Patreon page give MOP’s community the necessary tools to directly impact the ocean conservation movement.

Our doors are open with real connections from a surfer who wants to save the ocean. Thank you for your support! It means the world to me. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to stop ocean pollution. So from MOP and from the beautiful creatures of the world, thank you.

$0 of $200 per month
We will host another beach cleanup in Galveston Aug 17th. We host cleanups every other weekend with live music and free yoga by a professional instructor. In order to keep it free for everyone that attends we would like to raise money for the yoga instructor and live music.

We want to support our yoga instructors, music artists, and volunteers. This movement is about a cleaner ocean and to connect with other inspiring individuals. Please help us grow, thank you so much.

This past weekend August 3rd we removed 200 pounds of plastic from the beaches of Galveston.
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