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is creating Irish Pagan articles and translations of Old/Middle Irish myth
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About Morgan Daimler

I'm an author who writes fiction and non-fiction, books and articles, blogs, a little bit of everything. My main focus is Irish paganism and folklore and most of my writing is research heavy and time-consuming, often done without compensation. I've been working on doing new translations from Old/Middle Irish material to English, which is both time consuming and tedious, but something I think is necessary. I also enjoy writing fiction, particularly urban fantasy that challenges common tropes in the genre.
Being able to generate extra income here would allow me to write more and have more resource material for my research. Basically I'm asking people who like or enjoy my writing to pledge whatever they are comfortable pledging; anything is helpful. 
I usually write 4  to 6 blog posts per month and release 2 to 4 books per year.
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