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You are a valued supporter and this donation will be put towards the production of further (non-commercial) content viewable by all via my website and Vimeo account.


Hello my name is Morgan and I love to create video art. I've been at it since 2006, presenting my films at both at live events and online. If this is your first contact with my art please visit me now at to view the majority of my work advert and payment free.

Unfortunately, creating video art is not an easy vocation from which to foster a stable financial situation and as such I run a small post-production studio in tandem with my artistic practice that focuses on commercial projects.

Now while these commercial projects do pay the bills they also take up a lot of time and are not the true reason why I began and continue to produce videos.

So I'm starting this Patreon with the hope of generating a bit of extra income that will allow me to dedicate more time to creative work and less time on commercial projects. The dream being to eventually be able to focus entirely on creating video art.

Currently I'm only asking for $2/month. The ideal is, of course, to be supported by 500 tiny donations rather than a few large ones, allowing everyone to see the whole picture regardless of how much money they have to spend.

For this pledge you become a much valued supporter and are invited to view my extensive catalog of work online at

Should things go well I will then consider creating further tiers/rewards such as exclusive videos for Patrons, custom content, video portraits, gallery shows, technical tutorials, credits for Patrons in videos, and so on. If there is something you would like to see let me know your thoughts.

There is also a Paypal Donate button on my web page for those who would prefer to support via £ (GBP).

Thank you for your time!


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