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As a patron, you'll be recognized for making my work possible, and can receive public credits as producer on any of the following software/websites:
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  •, the critical thinking game
  • BurnerMap, find your friends on the playa
  • and any future projects that are on my plate...

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About Morgan Lesko

Since early 2015, I have volunteered thousands of hours to build Open Police Complaints, a web-based application to collect, track, and share police conduct nationwide. To accomplish this, I have been building a sort of Open Data CMS, which I'm calling SurvLoop, and also releasing open source.

This has been my primary project. We do intend to crowd-fund once we start collecting complaints, and have plans for a self-sustaining social business model.

The more patronage you can gift me, the fewer Uber Eats meals I will need to deliver to pay the bills, and the sooner I can get launched.

Bitcoin: 1BLcNNL4bv8fQ8d4XN9KXt7T2LU2pjLMN5

In October 2017, SurvLoop has it's third installation in! This is brought to you by Resource Innovation Institute and supported by cannabis associations, utilities and local governments. Collecting and sharing data on cannabis growing efficiency, this non-profit conservation effort helps growers assess their energy performance, lower their costs and improve the industry.

This spring, I've also help some dear friends launch DrugStory.Me, which is currently crowd-funding. This website is the second installation of SurvLoop, and promotes the health and safety of all mind-altering drug users.

In the near future, I also want to create more educational games to strengthen classical education skills. The first is functional as a web site http://DontFallacy.Me , but I would like to seriously redesign it (for mobile, and decency), and turn it into an app, after launching

But my single most successful community gift in the past was to create (code) BurnerMap. About one-third of Burning Man attendees have used it each year since 2011. This summer I have finally re-written the BurnerMap code to be published open source on GitHub. It's a start, and I hope a facelift will follow this year.

Also, glowing after a 2016 conference, I created personalized animated GIFs with the lovely faces of hundreds of my fellow drug policy reform activists. This had a delightful side-effect of flooding this community's news feeds with inspired motivation to compete with Trump. Sorry I haven't been able to maintain the original pace.

I love creating fun and/or useful stuff for my community. Throughout my life, I have always done tons volunteer work, and always want to do ever more of it. A lot of multimedia and art make it from my brain to the world, and is released under Creative Commons licenses.

So IF you have financial wiggle room, even becoming a $1/month patron is a generous and easy way to kick back a bit of the value you've found in my efforts. <3

I'll be able to keep doing more of all this, and can more effectively bring it to the next level with a steady baseline income.
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My bills and living expenses are kept low, living at home, and sometimes in a van.
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