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Stenography is the fastest way to key in text to a computer; faster than voice recognition and faster than typing. It's a technology that's existed for over a hundred years and using it feels like magic. However, stenography equipment and education has traditionally been prohibitively expensive. Thanks to Open Steno, that's steadily been changing, as the same principles that directed the FOSS movement are being applied to bring open access to everything you need to use this wonderful art.

Thanks to Open Steno

I started learning stenography in 2014, thanks to the efforts of so many generous individuals:

The entire  Open Steno movement is possible thanks to Mirabai Knight and her sheer will to create steno software that everyone can use: Plover.

I'm overjoyed that I've been able to become a part of the development of Plover. The open source community,  so many individuals, has made Plover possible.

The community has created many fantastic  learning resources over the years. We have drilling websites, and excellent textbooks like Zack Brown's Learn Plover!

Why Patreon

I want to take free, open source education to the next level. I want a focused, step-by-step textbook that anyone can follow from start to finish and come away from with real steno skills. I want easy-to-digest, professional-looking videos that really help people get excited about the power that steno has.

I spend so much time thinking about Plover and steno, thinking about how to make learning it easier, and thinking about how to bring it to more people. Unfortunately, I have a full-time job, several hobbies, and other side projects. Creating educational materials is something that quickly falls to the back-burner.

I love developing for Plover, and I love using stenography for everything I do, but I need a little encouragement to keep me motivated when preparing educational material. I want to have this Patreon to remind me that people really do want more educational resources, and as a motivator to create new educational material, which would include:

  • New lessons, practice material, and features for my textbook
  • YouTube videos to market and educate about stenography and Plover
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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