Mormon Lit Lab is creating Mormon Lit contests, workshops, and publications.

Lab Rat

$1 /mo
Find out what it’s like in the eye of a brainstorm with inside access to the list of projects we might pursue and the chance to comment with recommendations for what we should try out. Your support...

Lab Coat

$5 /mo
At this level of commitment, we trust you to handle things that might still be explosive. In addition to Lab Rat access to our crazy plans, you get a free digital copy of any written product we rel...

Mad Scientist

$10 /mo
James likes packing lunch for work instead of going to the food court so he can blow more money on Mormon Lit. If you feel the same way--and will share a lunch per month worth of your Lit budget wi...


$20 /mo
We have no reason to expect anyone to contribute more than the Mad Scientist level of $10 per month. If you blow our minds and decide you feel strongly enough to do so anyway, you are officially ou...