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Morpheus Ravenna: Artful Sorcery and Sorcerous Art
Explorations in spirit-work, sorcery, scholarship, and the ritual arts rooted in Celtic polytheism and animism

Thank you to all my beloved patrons! I'm so grateful that you're with me.

About me:
I’m a professional artist, author, spirit worker, and ritualist with a deep love of of Celtic polytheism, folk magic, mythology, and ritual studies. This Patreon provides a way for patrons to participate directly in the work I do centered around Celtic spirituality, scholarship, and the ritual arts - gaining access to writings, learning material, artwork, and other projects, while providing the support to ensure I can continue the work. You can see more of my work on by website, Banshee Arts.

Current patron-funded projects:
A Celtic Sorcery book. I’m writing a book based on material I’ve developed for teaching classes on magic and sorcery, spirit-work and polytheism, rooted in Celtic spiritual traditions and scholarship. The Celtic cultures of Ireland, Britain, and Gaul provide us with rich and ancient wells of magical lore: blessing and purification rites; protective charms and spells; fate-binding and foredestination; curses and battle sorceries, and a whole lot more. I draw on folk tradition, archaeological study, early literature, and my own extensive personal experience, to explore these traditions of magic and sorcery in depth, while seeking insight through them into Celtic worldviews and cosmologies. These writings are published here as patron-only content while the book is in development. I also get into researching ways to extract ritual & magic from old traditions, experimenting with novel divination tools and spirit-work methods, and other explorations, and patrons will be able to participate along with me in those projects too.

A Book of the Great Queen audiobook. I’ve also received a lot of requests for an audiobook version of my previous book, The Book of the Great Queen, and I’m in progress recording the audio for this audiobook as a patron-funded project.

Sorcerous art. This Patreon started out as an art-centered space, and I’m continuing to produce patron-funded art. Since my central focus right now is producing the Sorcery book, patron-funded artwork is typically centered around that: creating magical sigils for invoking various Gods, spirits, and powers, weaving those sigils into ritual art, talismans, and other applications. My artwork is generally inspired by mythology, folklore, the surreal, occult, and otherworldly, shaped by my love of Celtic art and culture.

Goodnight Morrígan. My most recent completed patron-funded art project (Goodnight Morrígan), is in process for publication and will be released in February. You'll continue to see occasional updates about that project and current patrons can view the art and posts from that project as well.

Workflow, and what you can expect from me:
As I develop my teaching material into book form, I'm posting longer pieces in the form of articles or chapters on about a monthly basis at minimum. Shorter snippets from this work, tidbits of interesting research, occasional short videos, and other such little morsels from my work get posted around weekly. We’ll also be holding periodic live-chats on my private members’ community space as a more informal way to explore this material for practitioners. On the audiobook project, I aim for recording at least a chapter a month, and patrons get those files for listening in a rough-edit form, as they’re completed. Art projects happen on an ad-hoc basis - when I’m inspired or sometimes by request, with downloadable and print versions for patrons at those tier levels. Occasionally, for my highest tier patrons, I’ll send you other handmade gifts related to the work I’m doing - sigil crafts, talismans, and the like.

I am delighted you're here and hope you'll join me!
$300 - reached! per month
At $300, I'll be able to invest in better equipment for the audiobook project, and set aside more time from my tattoo practice for writing and recording. I'll do a thank-you video and a giveaway to say thank you when we hit this milestone.
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