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Scramblers are responsible for isolating a patient from stray signals that could interfere with apulse and communication within the cohort. They provide a kind of energy "clean room" so healing work can be carried out efficiently and accurately.
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Repeaters are designed to broadcast and amplify apulse. They have the ability to transmit signal across much greater distances than medical bots, and are even programmed to assemble into larger, more powerful arrays when a power source is available.
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Prions are the “protein” building blocks of the nanite world. They are responsible for replenishing and replacing damaged tissue, bolstering the body’s ability to regenerate.
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  • Stickers
  • Early access
  • Suggestion polls
  • The Fishcord




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"But what does it take to save the world? It takes innovation. Innovation is greater than itself. Innovation adapts. Innovation persists." —Lani Simard-Pelletier, CEO of Aeon Biomedical

The uprising of robots that swept the globe and nearly wiped humanity off the earth were not laser cannon-armed battlemechs, self-aware CPUs with access to the nuclear launch codes, or unmanned predator drones. They were, instead, very, very tiny.

The robots that destroyed humanity were supposed to save it. Not from its own self-destructive tendencies, not from its worst elements, but from its oldest foes: microbes, cancers, and faulty chromosomes.

Welcome to the webcomic Mortal Machine and its various subroutines.

Mortal Machine is a weekly(ish*) updating graphic novel available for free on our website, It's a science fiction story about a couple of goth kids on the road just trying to make their way in a world of apocalyptic technologies. 

Subscribing to our Patreon gives you access to additional content, seeing pages early, getting announcements about what's next, and being part of the Mortal Machine community here and on Discord. Your support enables us to devote more time to the comic — co-written and illustrated by a bustling team of two — as well as allowing us to pay other creatives for premium materials like fonts, graphics, brushes and textures, and more. 

In addition to our cardinal story, Mortal Machine, our larger project includes various alternate universes, silly and serious side-stories, and multiple iterations of all the characters you'll meet over the course of the comic. 

We're so excited for you to join us.

*Our posting schedule is one page a week, with a one-week break between chapters, which vary in length. Early access patrons can read pages right here on Patreon 3 days before they appear publically on the website.  
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Once our first 50 Patrons join us, we will release a 24-card oracle deck, created from the ground up by Thief and Crow. The deck is professionally printed in full color, developed in Mortal Machine's aesthetic sensibilities and including original interpretive material to assist with meditation, divination, inspiration, or whatever you choose to use your cards for. 
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